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Abu Dhabi Sightseeing

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is the largest of the seven emirates and flaunts nearly 86.7% of the total land area. This includes the 200 exclusive islands! The statistics make the city of Abu Dhabi or 'father of the gazelle' the largest and also the most populated emirate. The city was inhabited about 250 years back, when the Bani Yas tribesmen discovered water on the island and constructed their first township. The city has long remained a small place fishing village till oil was discovered around 50 years back, making it the most sought after investors destination.

This small fishing village has now transformed into one of the most modern cities in the world. The prosperity that came with the discovery of oil has resulted in the modern infrastructure, shopping arcades and elaborate and extravagant tourist attractions. The average tourist can explore the city of Abu Dhabi without the slightest fear and amidst some of the best tourist facilities money can buy. The city is a vibrant and impressive skyline, with parks and gardens, luxury hotels and the palatial villas and mansions of the sheikhs. The boulevards and beaches and the Garden City of the UAE, Al Ain or 'the eye' are a must-see for any tourist. The abundance of greenery possible because of the oases and the well maintained parks and gardens are a treat for the eyes.

The White Fort at Abu Dhabi goes back in time to over 200 years! The Palace is famous for its Cultural Foundation that flaunts interesting exhibits. The Heritage Village, which is situated in the middle of Abu Dhabi, is a peek at the lifestyles and traditions of the Bedouin tribe. The Hili Gardens and the ancient tombs enthrall visitors of all ages.

The Liwa Oasis is one of the largest oases in Arabia and a gateway to Rub al Khali or 'Empty Quarter'. The place flaunts freshwater pools and date plantations. The Jabel Hafit is a mountain rising from surrounding desert. It is one of the last remnants of the rare Arabian 'tahr' and is known for its exquisite flora and fauna. There are numerous caves and sites of famous archaeological excavations en-route.

The Al Ain Museum is the nations largest and is categorized into ethnological and historical segments that display Bedouin artifacts, and results of archaeological excavations dating back to 2700 BC!

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