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Cheapest Places To Book A Room Online

When you Book a Room online, you want access to the cheapest online rates. Sometimes you decide that “cheaper” isn’t necessarily “better” and that it’s worth another $20 to get a hot breakfast and location that isn’t 30 miles from your destination. You may find that planning based on your budget is the best way to book a room online. On the other hand, you may find that any destination can offer a hotel room deal if you know where and how to look. Here is some advice to book a hotel for the lowest possible online booking rates.

  1. Consider Some of the Cheapest Travel Destinations. According to the Nomadic Matt blog, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Prague, Budapest, Ukraine, Romania, Central America, Argentina, Cambodia, Greece, India, and Hungary are the best travel deals for online booking of cheap hotel rooms.

  2. Look at Hostels. You may have to share a floor bathroom or communal kitchen coffee pot area. In some cases, you may even share a room with other travelers. Yet, dollar-for-dollar, you simply can’t find a cheaper type of accommodation (save for a tent site) than a hostel. Many hostels, in fact, go for as low as $7 to 20 a night! It may be scary to book a room this way for the first time, but you may find you make some really great friends this way!

  3. Get a Daily Deal. You can get incredible wholesale deals through sites like Groupon, JetSetter, or OffAndAway, but you need to be very vigilant and a bit flexible on where you’re going. These online hotel room deals are often urgent, so you’ll need to have a credit card with enough budget to accommodate a sudden, spontaneous online hotel booking that allows you to get an almost unheard-of price. It may not be a conventional way to book hotel rooms online, but it works for some people in some instances.  

  4. Bid For a Hotel. If you are not fussy about what hotel chain you stay at and you are solely traveling based on lowest dollar amount, then you may like a site like Hotwire, where you place a bid and book on whatever is the cheapest. It can be a thrill or an ill-fated risk, but they don’t usually set people up with a raw deal. Typically the hotel booking site will let hotels know how much you’re willing to pay and one of the hotel owners will respond, conceding that it’s better to put a body in the hotel room and reduce the online hotel rates to book a room at the last minute than to have too many vacancies.

  5. Book a Hotel Room Online. This is the best way to book a room for the lowest price. Instead of trying to compare Agoda, Expedia, Priceline, Booking,, LateRooms, and all those other sites on your own, why not try a hotel booking search aggregator website that scours all these sites hourly to compare and find the best hotel prices? A great travel search aggregator site to book a room online is It’s similar to the idea behind – only more user-friendly, with more information. Book A Room does the hotel search work for you and presents you with the best available hotel rates from numerous sites so that you don't have to go to each one!

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