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The Internet is ripe with reviews from travelers who have had to book a room for business or a pleasurable vacation. Accommodations are one of those things you’d rather “learn through others’ mistakes” than experience yourself. Nothing is worse than when you book a hotel room only to find that it’s not properly cleaned since the last hotel guest departed. No one wants book a hotel where housekeeping does a terrible job picking up the hotel room or, worse yet, pilfers through and steals people’s belongings. If a good breakfast is important to you, then you’re best off reading hotel guest reviews to find out if you’ll receive a tiny bowl of cereal and a piece of over-ripe fruit or if there is a full continental breakfast with waffles and oatmeal. The question is: Where can I book a room and get the best hotel guest reviews at the same time?

The answer is:

Cool Hotel Guest Reviews When You Book A Room Here:

  1. One thing you’ll love when you Book A Room on our site is how it compiles reviews from other travel sites like Priceline, Travelocity,, and dozens more. That way, you’re getting access to more than just one site’s opinion and you won’t have to filter through sites that only have two or three reviews for a hotel you’re interested in.

  2. What makes so unique is the way it compiles and filters reviews to look for similarities. First, under the “Overview” section, you’ll see a consumer rating (on a scale from 0 to 5), a list of how many guests posted verified reviews, and a list of the hotel’s best attributes. For example, a hotel might be known for “tasty breakfast, good shopping and excellent service.” If you scroll down more, you’ll see added details about the hotel guest reviews. You’ll see how many hotel guest reviews talked about the breakfast and how many people found the staff helpful or polite. You’ll see ratings for cleanliness, rooms, facilities, location, and service from the folks that already chose to book a room at that hotel.

  3. If you want a link to any given site to read longer reviews – say, Priceline, or Expedia, you can click on one of the links to access this information quickly and easily. Yet, you’ll probably find this hotel booking site has all the essential information you could ever need – and best of all, you can even book a room through the hotel booking site when you are done reading the hotel guest reviews. is the ultimate site for people looking for a book a hotel room deal who don’t have time to sift through long paragraphs of information when they just want to quickly identify a good price on a clean well rated hotel chain and book a room. All the most salient points from the reviews are filtered in the same way businesses sort through resumes looking for keywords. Get an at-a-glance impression and the Internet’s most comprehensive travel booking information here. Book a Room now!


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