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Dubai Hotel and Travel Guide

Dubai is a city of luxury and has rapidly emerged as the new Las Vegas of Asia. The Middle-eastern centre of trade, lavish luxury and entertainment welcomes millions of guests every year who visit this city for professional tours or for personal trips. A city with impressive modern skyscrapers and a world class marina and shopping malls, Dubai is sure to meet any travelers needs. The shopping malls and places of antiquity both make the city an interesting location for tourists.

There is an abundance of 4 and 5 star hotels and apartment hotel accommodations. But when you are in Dubai, where should you stay? Take time to plan your trip to Dubai with our Dubai Travel and Hotel Guide. We'll tell you where to start and what to look for in your trip to Dubai.

Cheap Hotels and Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxury. The Middle-eastern centre of trade, lavish luxury and entertainment welcomes millions of guests every year who visit this city for professional tours or for personal trips. Shopping malls and places of antiquity both make the city an interesting location for tourists to be in. But when you are in Dubai, where should you stay? There are various cheap hotels and luxury hotels in Dubai at prime locations like Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Palm Island Jumeirah, Karama and Downtown Burj Dubai.

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Where To Book A Room In Dubai

Dubai is a unique destination full of impressive hotels, modern shopping centers, championship golf courses, and five-star luxury accommodations. It’s where the wealthy come to play and a safe place to get a sense of Middle Eastern culture. Where to Book a Room in Dubai all depends on what you’re looking for, but we’ve compiled a few suggestions based on guest reviews, amenities, price and reputation.

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Accommodation in Dubai Apartments

Accommodation options in the UAE includes short and long term housing in apartments, which is more economical and more comfortable for a travelling family. The apartment accommodations are available in both Dubai and Sharjah. Often referred to as “hotel apartments”, they offer a high degree of luxury, attention to every detail, superior cleanliness, as well as occasionally very moderate prices for some of the best places to stay in the area. This is especially true in the Emirate of Sharjah. Consider selecting a more affordable short term rental suite in a hotel apartment, and then enjoy the services of nearby luxury hotels, or stay in a hotel apartment near one of the luxury resorts that offer 5 star luxury rooms, villas, or chalets.

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All About Dubai

Intriguing, exciting, cosmopolitan and full of possible adventures, Dubai is one amazing city. It boasts great beaches, world-class hotels and plenty of sunshine with terrific shopping as an added bonus. Expect the unexpected and enjoy traditional Arabian culture of souks, camels and deserts combined with shiny modern facilities that range from indoor ski slopes to international floodlit golf courses.

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Book Hotel Accommodation in Dubai

Hotels and Apartments in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates are often busy throughout the year as a result of the successive festivals, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. Therefore, be certain to book your accommodation early before traveling, to avoid disappointment or the possibility of being locked out of your desired accommodation altogether.

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Luxury Hotels Dubai

Dubai is rapidly developing into one of the world's top travel destinations as it has the perfect winter climate, pristine beaches and superb infrastructure. Luxury hotels can be found in abundance in Dubai where more five star hotels have been constructed than anywhere else in recent times. Here we take a look at some of these luxury hotels.

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Experience World Class Dubai Hotels

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is situated on the Persian Gulf. Many people forget that Dubai is actually a desert city, as the infrastructure is far superior to any other city on the globe. The city is perfect for a long weekend shopping spree as the city lies several hours from the Europe by plane and is usually a stopover on most major flights to Africa, Asia or Europe.

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Dubai Business Hotels

Located at an almost perfectly central intersection between Africa, Asia and Europe, this city, which was originally a small trading and fishing development, originally developed into an essential trading port of call for foreign tradesmen. For this reason the business hotels Dubai hosts are more than adequately equipped to provide the business traveller everything he or she needs, whether it is personal comfort to ensure decent rest, or the leading conferencing, catering and assistance to make your work more enjoyable, these hotels can provide it all.

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Boutique Hotels in Dubai

Dubai lies inside the Arabian Desert, just south of the Persian Gulf. Unlike much of the Arab Emirates, the landscape is constructed of coral and seashells, forming fine white sand. It is bordered by a range of mountains that separate Dubai and Oman. It has the largest population of any territory in the UAE and covers the second largest area after Abu Dhabi. Due to its rich history and economic prowess, Dubai has a massive selection of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you are looking for sun and sea, shopping, architecture or ancient monuments this fantastic place can offer it all. If you want to stay in a boutique hotel Dubai has a great selection of places to stay, all in prime locations for exploring the surrounding attractions and excursions.

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