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How To Book A Room Online

Searching the Internet to find the best place to Book a Room for an unforgettable family vacation?  We’ve assembled the best hotel booking tips and some little known online booking tips that will save you time and money!

Getting Started

Years ago searching for a hotel required a lot of phone calls to hotel chains or a single phone call to your travel agent.  All this has changed and it’s a whole lot easier, faster, and more economical.  Today, there’s no shortage of quality online hotel booking websites that provide you with a means to search their inventory and book a hotel online.  It’s as easy as shopping on eBay or checking out from Amazon.  Just locate your favorite onlinehotel booking site, enter your travel destination, the date of your trip, and the number of hotel guests.  The search process starts when you click the submit button!

Narrowing the Hotel Search

So now what? You’ve found a list of hotel rooms online ordered by hotel star rating, guest scores, or price.  What’s most important to you? If it’s price, sort the list by lowest price first.  If it’s the star rating of the hotel, then click to sort by rating. Do you need a 3 star hotel or a 4 star hotel?  Most major hotel search engines offer you the ability to search by special features (star rating, pet friendly, Jacuzzis or hot tubs in the hotel or room, and many more features).    

Read Guest Scores and Reviews

Always read the guest scores and take notice of the number of guests scoring the hotel. offers guest scores AND the number of guest that have scored the hotel.  Keep in mind that hotels with a high number of highly rated guest scores and written guest reviews will go a long way to increase your confidence that you’ll have a good experience at that hotel.  Many hotels have hundreds of guest scores so you’ll get a very good sense for the hotel rather than a skewed perspective (good or bad) from just a few reviews. 

Always consider the guest scores when you book a room online in a hotel.  Your experience is likely to be similar. Always book a hotel room online using a hotel booking website that offers hundreds of thousands of guest reviews so that you can avoid the problem of the skewed results from a few travelers just happy or upset enough to take the time to review the hotel.

Need Something Special in Your Hotel?

Do you need a hotel near the airport, a hotel with a five star restaurant, spa, or fitness facility?  Want to see high resolution pictures of the hotel interior and exterior? offers pictures as well as maps so that you can see where your hotel is located in reference to downtown, restaurants, and activities. 

Need special features in the hotel or the room? Look for the special features selection and narrow down your search to include just the features that are important for your hotel stay.  If you select too many you’ll create a very short list!  Too few and you’ll have a lot of hotels to review.  A little practice will return a manageable list of hotels that meet your search criteria.  And once you get comfortable with a Hotel Booking site, you’ll be a pro in no time and be able to book a hotel in a matter of minutes. offers you the ability to sort your feature list by price, hotel rating, and more.  And if you need special features they’re just a click away.  Were confident that well become your favorite hotel booking site and trusted travel partner.

Booking a Room

Now that you have found everything that you want for your trip and the hotel that meets your needs and budget, the rest is simple.  Review the hotels policies for online booking and cancellations.  Some hotels require payment upfront for discounted rates and may or may not offer a full or partial refund depending upon the nature of the discount. These policies vary from hotel to hotel so never assume that any single online hotel booking site uses the same online booking and cancellation policies across all hotel properties and hotel chains.  The hotel’s policy is independent of the online booking sites’ policy.  Read the hotels’ policy to avoid any surprises if you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

Checking out is simple.  No matter which of the over 250,000 hotels available on that you select, we offer secure online booking using a major credit card.  Unlike some other Hotel Booking websites, we don’t store your card data on our severs or anyone else’s.  Your credit card transaction is processed through an encrypted browser connection and once validated the card data is expired and not stored on our servers.  You can Book a Room with us securely and confidently knowing that you credit card data cannot be later compromised by theft, we simply don’t save it. You’ll need to re-enter it next time you visit but we know that you’ll sleep better knowing our credit card security controls meet the highest industry standards.  You’ll receive a confirmation receipt from us via email with all your online hotel booking details, and you’ll be ready to travel!

Cancelling or Changing a Reservation doesn't charge any cancellation or change fees like the other booking sites when you change or cancel a reservation made on the site. Be certain to check if the if the hotel itself has a cancellation or change penalty. Sometimes your travel plans change and we understand that can happen.  If you need to make a change to you reservation, just contact us at the number below and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Please provide the Online Hotel Discount Code HBC5034, and your reservation number that we emailed to you, or the major credit card owner information used to book the room.  Our Booking Specialists will be able to confirm your hotel reservation or assist you with any changes to your travel itinerary quickly and easily.

Would You Rather Book a Room on the Phone?

If you prefer to book a room with the assistance of a Hotel Booking Specialist, just give us a call at 877-477-8591; Mention Discount Code:  HBC5034.  If you already have a reservation and want to discuss it or make a change, phone or Reservation Management Department at:  877-477-7441 and Mention Discount Code HBC5034.

What to Remember at Hotel Check-In

Make sure that you have your rewards card for the hotel chain of your choice with you when you check into the hotel. Sometimes they want to verify it, but most importantly you’ll want to verify with them that it’s loaded on their system to give you full credit for your hotel stay. If your travelling children this is a good time to request that they block any inappropriate television programing and to ask that they require a parental code be input prior to ordering games in the room.  You'll avoid the suprise of up to a few hundred dollars being added to the bill when the kids find the game console an have at it.  If you're travelling with valuables and want to secure them check-in is a good time to ask about a room safe or hotel safe to secure them.  And finally, confirm your check out date with the front desk at the time of check in to be certain that their computer and your expectations are the same. 

We hope that these hotel booking tips make your travel a little easier and aspire to be your online booking site for all your travel booking needs.


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