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If you haven’t heard yet, is a fast, easy way to book a hotel room. Surely by now you’ve probably used websites like Expedia, Hotels, and Travelocity to book a room. Yet, these sites are limited in that they only show you reviews that have been written on their sites. Furthermore, often the maps, hotel descriptions and nearby amenities information listed are incomplete. What makes our website unique when you book a room online is that it aggregates the information from all those other travel sites into one place, where it’s easy to get an accurate at-a-glance view of an accommodation. Best of all, you get access to the lowest hotel booking prices online.

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  • Lowest Price Guarantee: When you book a hotel with, you are guaranteed the lowest price online. If you find a better price on the same caliber room anywhere else, you’ll get paid $50! All you have to do is send the hotel details via the contact page and you’ll get $50 delivered by Paypal. This offer does not include liquidation, last minute, or daily deal offers by wholesalers, past bookings, or rooms that are unavailable for booking. Most other hotel booking and online reservation websites will give you a lower price if you find it elsewhere, but no one else will actually give you money for your detective skills!
  • Get access to all other sites without opening tons of browser tabs. We all love tabs, but not when we’re trying to book a room. It can be confusing and downright aggravating to navigate the confusing maze of travel sites. With, you can simultaneously search: Hilton, Expedia,, Hotelopia,, Agoda, OctopusTravel, Hotels4U, Pricelines,, EasyToBook, Skoosh, Easy Click Travel,, Get A Room, Rates To Go, Hotel Club, Reserve Travel,, Travelocity, Choice Hotels International, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and For each hotel listed, you’ll get an amalgamation of all photos, reviews and description information.
  • Access smarter technology. You can narrow down your search by star rating, price, a hotel’s distance from a number of popular attractions, brand name, property type, hotel features, or popularity. When you book a room, all taxes and fees are included in the estimate, which is clearly listed for each accommodation. When you click on a hotel’s name for more information, you get a helpful synopsis of hotel features, activities, services, parking, Internet, and amenities. Best of all, the website’s filters will go through and find similarities in hotel reviews to arrive at a general consensus. For instance, the entry for Holiday Inn Express in Boston says that “109 guests reviewed breakfast, 94 mentioned it was delicious; 18 guests mentioned shopping options in a review, 17 felt they were good; We found 121 reviews that said the staff were helpful and polite; 44 mentioned the cost of their hotel booking in a review, 38 thought it was a fair price; 57 guests mentioned the room cleanliness in a review, 53 felt they were very clean; 22 guests mentioned the bed comfort in a review, 19 felt the beds were comfortable.” Let’s face it: who has time to read all those verbose reviews? This quick, easy filter does all the work for you! is the ultimate hotel booking site for anyone who has ever wondered “Where can I book a room online cheap?”

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