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Amsterdam Holland Hotels

Amsterdam has long been a popular destination for tourists for a variety of reasons. This cosmopolitan city has many attractions to tempt visitors and when looking for somewhere to stay in Amsterdam Holland hotels can be found to suit all budgets and tastes.

There are many surprising facets to this fascinating city waiting to be discovered. Whether you are interested in art, history, food and drink or simply relaxation you will find something to attract you. Many Amsterdam Holland hotels can be found right in thea heart of the city bringing guests into the center of the action.

One of the best ways to explore the city is by water. A network of charming canals can transport visitors around the city. Small water taxis offer a Venetian style service and a unique view of the city's architecture. Visitors can enjoy a number of unusual canalside museums before heading for their final destination. Many of these are fascinating for their architecture alone as they are set in historic houses. The Kattenkabinet is housed in a canal house that was used as a location for the film Ocean's Twelve and is an homage to the place cats have held throughout history in art and culture. The Bijbels Museum holds an extremely rare collection of bibles housed in two beautiful Philips Vingboons houses.

One of the major hotspots for visitors is the Centrum where many of the most popular tourist attractions can be found. The Royal Palace on Dam Square is still used by the Royal Family as one of their three official residences and sees state banquets and other official events. For visitors it is a treasure trove of beautiful art work, furniture, friezes and plasterwork. It was even called the eighth wonder of the world by the poet Huygens. It is very much a must see destination.

Other periods in history can also be discovered and perhaps one of the most famous places in Amsterdam is Anne Frank House which is where the young girl and her family lived in hiding for more than two years when Germany occupied the country in World War II. Having been betrayed and shipped to different concentration camps only her father, Otto Frank, survived to see her diaries published. The house holds an exhibition of photographs, documents, small personal items and Anne's notebooks and original diary.

The world famous Singel fFlower Market is a rioutous display of beautiful color and fragrance and much of the wares are displayed on floating barges as they would have been in the past. Traditional Dutch tulips are on display, of course, but more exotic flowers can also be found. The market is particularly striking at Christmas as it sells Christmas trees in all sizes.

Many visitors will flock to Haaremmerstraat to browse a host of shops selling some of the famous goods produced in Amsterdam whilst enjoying a delicious snack from one of the many cafes or street sellers. Blue Delft China is particularly prized and sought after and can be purchased in many forms from ornaments to the famous blue tiles. Having perhaps visited the Van Gogh Museum, visitors may enjoy browsing local artists' stalls for a picture to take home. Traditional Dutch fabric is used to produce a wide variety of items for purchase including aprons and dresses. For something more unusual, jewelry made from pieces of Dutch China, hundreds of years old, set into sterling silver makes an unusual souvenir.

Amsterdam is also famous for brewing lager and there are many quaint and comfortable little beer cellars and cafes to enjoy a traditional Heineken. Many of the Amsterdam Holland hotels also have bars and restaurants and are available to suit any budget from hostels to five star luxury accomodation offering 24 hour reception and room service as well as health and spa facilities. Breakfast in your hotel will often have traditional buffet style produce to set up your day. The city's many restaurants will all offer traditional fare. Amsterdam is famous for its fine cheeses including Edam and Gouda and Kaas Broodje, cheese served on a bread roll, is served universally and enjoyed as a snack. Visitors to the city can indulge a sweet tooth with Stroopwafels. These are layers of buttery waffles stuck together with molasses or Pannekoeken, or Dutch pancakes.

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