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Atlantic City Attractions

Have you been planning a vacation with your family to Atlantic City? In case you have, don’t worry about your children getting bored there. Besides being a casino town, Atlantic City has a lot of other little delights to offer tourists and visitors.

Atlantic City Boardwalks

Being located very close to New Jersey’s shoreline, the waterfronts and beaches are an integral part of Atlantic City. It is here at the Boardwalks that you can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the sea as well as take long walks with loved ones. If it is a little bit of solitude you want, then this is the place to come to. Besides walking, the Boardwalk also offers a shopping delight to tourists since it has numerous small shops selling plenty of memorabilia. This is just the place to get yourself a souvenir as well as some of that delicious salt water taffy.

Atlantic City Shopping Areas

Now Atlantic City is very well known as a shopping paradise to most of its visitors, some stores you can find inside of your Atlantic City Hotel. Even though it has only one shopping mall, this place is a goldmine with more than one hundred stores to its credit. You can find all kinds of items here and need a lot of time to look through everywhere. The food court with international cuisine is a big draw as well.

Atlantic City Aquarium

This is a very popular place and offers visitors a great insight into marine life and culture. The aquarium holds an annual exhibition of sea life that attracts a lot of visitors. It becomes even more frequented with the delectable sea food festival that is organized at restaurants close by.

Absecon Lighthouse

This is the tallest light house of New Jersey and deserves a visit not only for its scenic presences but also its historical significance. The lighthouse was built in 1855 and even today stands firm and tall. The view of the city and the waters both combine to make the climb to the top worth the effort. Visiting the tower during Christmas will allow partake in several holiday festivities. Events like wine tasting, children’s parties, etc are also hosted here occasionally.

The Steel Pier

Located right opposite the Taj Mahal Casino is the Steel Pier Park that is known for its insight into marine life. The aquariums of the Pier are very fascinating and offer a closer look at some great sea creatures. The place also offers a touch pool that is known to attract a lot of visitors. There is an eatery here that offers some very good seafood cuisines and comes highly recommended.


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