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Cancun Shopping And Souvenirs

Shopping for authentic gifts and souvenirs are an integral part of many vacations, and Cancun offers hundreds of opportunities to take memories of your trip home with you. Outdoor markets, indoor malls and even Wal-mart, Sears and Staples provide tourists with a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs of your trip to Cancun.

Cancun Outdoor Craft Markets

Cancun City, or El Centro, where the majority of Cancun’s local residents live, is your best chance at bargaining for souvenirs. The area has several markets, little shops and outdoor craft markets offering unique Mexican souvenirs. The vendors at these markets will be more likely to haggle over prices than those in the Hotel Zone. Two of the major markets are the Ki Huic Market—the city’s oldest open air market, located on Avenue Tulum—and Mercado 28, off Avenida Yaxchilan and Sunyaxchen.

Consider packing an extra empty bag in your luggage before you leave home, as you might not have adequate room to include your souvenirs on your return trip. Packing your souvenirs in one bag would also make them easier to get to, should your luggage be checked at customs on our return trip home.

Cancun Shopping Malls

The Hotel Zone also has several indoor malls offering restaurants, national and international chain stores, fast food and entertainment. The Kukulcan Plaza and the Flamigo Plaza are two of the more popular venues. Both offer dining, shopping, boutiques and other entertainment. Flamingo Plaza has more of the popular international restaurants, including Planet Hollywood and Outback. The Kukulcan Plaza also has two theaters and a bowling alley. Coral Negro is the only open air market in the Hotel Zone, located beside the Convention Center, and offers unique crafts and souvenirs. Cancun also has a great deal of original fine art that can be viewed and purchased at studios and markets in both El Centro and the Hotel Zone.

Credit cards are accepted in most of the larger indoor shopping malls, but may not be accepted in the smaller markets outside of the tourist area. Be sure to carry cash, especially pesos, to make sure you won’t have to leave that souvenir behind.


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