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Cancun Tourist Attractions

About 35 years ago there was a sand barrier in the state of Quinto Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula, situated in the south east of Mexico. One day somebody looked at this stunning location with its miles of powdery white sand beaches and the scintillating ocean and decided that this was truly the most beautiful place and that everyone should be allowed to enjoy it. From this thought the city of Cancun was born. Today you have one of the most unusually shaped cities in the entire world that is especially designed for tourists and all their vacation and holiday needs. Some of the most prestigious hotel companies and private investors in the world have joined the Cancun enterprise and the result is a world-class travel destination with many luxury beach hotels and accommodations. Choosing which of the many fabulous hotels in Cancun to book a room is probably the hardest thing you are going to have to do all vacation.

Possibly because this is a tailor made city most of the hotels in Cancun are in an area known as the "Hotel Zone". Kukulcan Boulevard is the only road through the area so getting lost is really not an option. And of course this is where the best hotels in Cancun are also situated. Consider booking a room at the J.W. Marriott Cancun Resort, a luxurious AAA Five Diamond Award winning hotel in Cancun. And theres also the wildly popular Paradisus Cancun, with a guest rating of 8.8. 

Laguna Nichupte is on the west side and this is where the marinas, restaurants, shopping malls, and golf courses are located. What is in the middle? Well, as you might expect from Cancun, the middle is the "Party Zone" where all the best bars, nightclubs, and restaurants can be found. In the downtown (Centro) area of Cancun there are also some good restaurants, shopping centers, and bars that are targeted more for local people. These tend to be quieter and less expensive.

It would be possible to go on and on about how fantastic the beaches and scenery are in Cancun and how many water sports and boat trips you could take, but there is far more to Cancun than just sand and hotels. Anyone who has done a little basic Internet research will know about the variety of water sports that are offered at this incredible Mexico tourist destination. One thing to note about the beaches in Cancun is that topless sunbathing here is widely accepted but total nudity is illegal. There are plenty of attractions and activities that can entertain you during a stay at a hotel in Cancun and this location is sure to appeal to different interests.

Bullfighting is not for everyone but it has become a significant feature in Mexican culture since it was introduced from Spain. On a Wednesday afternoon, fights take place in the small bullring, Plaza de Toros, found in the Centro area. If you have never been it is an experience that will stay with you for a long time and you may find out why people are so passionate about it.

The Mayan culture is one that is revered and studied worldwide and there is an archaeological site called 'El Rey' in Cancun. For anyone interested in the history of this fascinating culture, a visit to this site is a must. The site has been well preserved and with a little imagination, you can feel transported back in time.

If you love to see the marine life but prefer to stay relatively dry, the aquarium is a good option. The use of the term 'relatively' is needed because here you can choose to swim with dolphins or feed the sharks from a cage.

For any other place golf may just be a commonplace pastime, but the courses here are rather special and golfers flock to the resort. Cancun has glorious settings taken as a given and these first rate courses have been designed by professionals such as Greg Norman, Robert Trent Jr. and Jack Nicklaus. For anyone worrying that they may be a 'golf widow' or 'golf widower' for a large part of their vacation, you can think positively because the shopping and the spas are just as fantastic.

Cancun is a duty-free zone making the prices for quality jewelry, perfumes and spirits, the cheapest in Mexico. Some of the names to look out for when shopping include La Isla, Kukulcan Plaza, Plaza La Fiesta, and Plaza Flamingo. All of these are in the Cancun Hotel Zone and offer good quality items and a wide range to choose from. There are many reasons why this location is one of the most popular for you to book a room on your next sun seeking vacation and Cancun offers an experience you can't fail to enjoy.

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