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How To Get To Cancun

Investigate flight and hotel packages with your travel agent. You can fly directly into Cancun, which is served by the following airlines: AeroCaribe, AeroCozumel, Aeromexico, Aerosaab, Allegro, American Airlines, Aviacsa, Aviateca, Cancun Air, Continental Airlines, Cubana de Aviacion, Iberia, Lacsa, Martinair Holland (based in Amsterdam), Mexicana Airlines, NorthWest, Taesa and VARIG (Brazilian airline). Upon arrival in Mexico, you will have to go through customs. A passport is not required for entry into Mexico, but you will need at least an original birth certificate and photo ID, if you do not have a passport.

Cancun By Airplane

In the airport, you will also be approached by people acting as if you are part of their tour group. They are salesmen and should be avoided.

If you have not rented a car, there are several transport companies that will shuttle you to your hotel. Check with your hotel to see if they have a complimentary shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Most of these shuttles are not private shuttles, although private transportation is available, for a higher fee. If you book a travel package including airfare and hotel, ask your travel agent if transportation to and from the airport is or can be included in your costs.

If you decide to rent a car, it is often cheaper to do so before you leave home, as the rates in the airport may be significantly higher. This also ensures you will have a car once you arrive. American auto insurance is not valid in Mexico, so you will need to purchase additional liability insurance. Most liability insurance included in the rental fees is very low, so it is a good idea to purchase additional coverage. Without adequate Mexican liability insurance, you may have to spend time in jail until you have paid for any damages, in the event of an accident.

Cancun By Car

You can drive your car into Mexico, but you will still need documentation, such as a passport or original birth certificate and photo ID to cross the border. Most rental car agencies do not allow their cars to be driven outside of the U.S., so check with the rental car company before you make plans.

Mexico recognizes American driver’s licenses, but the same rule about auto insurance applies. You must purchase Mexican auto insurance once you cross the border or you may spend time in jail until the authorities are able to prove liability. It is recommended that your purchase insurance equivalent to that of your American insurance.

For more information about driving in Mexico, contact the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C. (, at 202-728-1600, or the Mexican Government Tourist Organization at 1-800-44-MEXICO

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