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Hotels and Apartments in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates are often busy throughout the year as a result of the successive festivals, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. Therefore, be certain to book your accommodation early before traveling, to avoid disappointment or the possibility of being locked out of your desired accommodation altogether.

You can research the local districts and deal direct with the hotel apartments or hotels, or you can book a room through travel agencies and local tour operators. Be sure to check both your country travel agencies and tour agencies in the UAE, or via the Internet on a site like, where you can often obtain cheaper booking and better special offers than booking a hotel in Dubai direct.

United Arab Emirates Hotels

United Arab Emirates hotels are suitable for small families. Most UAE hotels limit the number of occupants per room. Be sure to check the occupancy limits as numerous UAE hotels state the maximum number of persons per room. These hotels will charge some extra fees if you are travelling with children, unless the total number of occupants is within the limits allowed by the hotel. Staying in a UAE Hotel is a convenient option for small families, but not necessarily the best option for larger families or groups. Consider the apartment hotel for larger occupancy requirements in the UAE.

UAE Seaside Resort Accommodation

There are several seaside resorts in the UAE with luxury housing options for the entire family. In addition this is a great location for newlyweds who are not travelling with children and looking for a romantic place to stay in the UAE. Consider a stay in such rich cities as Marine Emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Fujairah. These UAE seaside resorts locations are of the highest international standards and you’ll enjoy a truly once in a life time experience travelling to the UAE and its wonderful cities.



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