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Boutique Hotels in Dubai

Dubai lies inside the Arabian Desert, just south of the Persian Gulf. Unlike much of the Arab Emirates, the landscape is constructed of coral and seashells, forming fine white sand. It is bordered by a range of mountains that separate Dubai and Oman. It has the largest population of any territory in the UAE and covers the second largest area after Abu Dhabi. Due to its rich history and economic prowess, Dubai has a massive selection of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you are looking for sun and sea, shopping, architecture or ancient monuments this fantastic place can offer it all. If you want to stay in a boutique hotel Dubai has a great selection of places to stay, all in prime locations for exploring the surrounding attractions and excursions.

The earliest settlement known as Dubai was recorded in 1799, but it was not formally established until the early 19th Century. The architecture in Dubai reflects its rich history, the city consisting of Old and New Dubai. The Bastakiya District is one of the last remaining pockets of the original settlement, housing some amazing examples of traditional Islamic and Arabic architecture. This area has a great selection of art galleries and cafes to visit and has an incredibly evocative atmosphere. For those who wish to find out a little more about the history and the structures the city contains, the Dubai Museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum consists of a fort which shows some interesting examples of traditional reed houses and many historical artifacts. More interesting than this however is the modern extension built beneath the fort. It showcases the development from a poor pearling village to what the city is today, using a mixture of some fascinating technology and the reconstruction of a traditional market to illustrate the speed at which this amazing transformation took place.

Dubai has a diverse range of stunning architecture, from amazing medieval mosques to breathtaking modern structures, all which are typical of the Arabic style. The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the few which is open to non Islamic visitors and is the largest in the City. The exterior of the Mosque is constructed in the medieval Fatimid style and the interior is decorated with fabulous Arabic calligraphy. The city is also home to the tallest structure in the world. With 160 floors spread over the 2500 foot building, it is nearly 900 feet taller than its nearest contender in Taipei. It dominates the city's skyline and the viewing platform halfway up offers visitors a unique view of the whole city.

The beaches in Dubai are amongst the finest in the UAE and all offer a selection of water sport activities. Al Safa Park is one of the oldest in the city and allows visitors to enjoy tennis, volleyball and soccer as well as the usual water sports excursions. Often barbecues and picnics take place in this area and its fairground is a fantastic attraction for kids and parents alike. A slightly more unusual attraction is the Camel Races which are held on Thursdays and Fridays during the winter season. The races are a spectacle in themselves, but visitors also have the opportunity to visit the paddocks. Aside from the races, the track is a place for vendors to sell anything from bead jewelry to woven blankets and is often ideal for finding souvenirs and gifts for people back home.

For all those people who cannot face missing a shopping opportunity, Dubai has enough to keep you occupied all day. With over 70 shopping malls, one being the 7th largest in the world, you can find a multitude of designer outlets, electronics stores and fabulous boutiques. The city is also famous for its gold markets and Deira alone is home to over 250 gold retail shops.

When staying in a boutique hotel Dubai can guarantee a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. All hotels feature air conditioning and spacious rooms, with all the modern conveniences to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Many of the hotels have leisure facilities suitable for the whole family and on site dining opportunities allow you to enjoy some of the fabulous cuisine available to you. Child-minding facilities can be provided for the times you need space for a romantic evening and the friendly and attentive staff in a boutique hotel Dubai can offer supply room service and laundry service to let you get on and enjoy your holiday.

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