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Experience World Class Dubai Hotels

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is situated on the Persian Gulf. Many people forget that Dubai is actually a desert city, as the infrastructure is far superior to any other city on the globe. The city is perfect for a long weekend shopping spree as the city lies several hours from the Europe by plane and is usually a stopover on most major flights to Africa, Asia or Europe.

To meet need for coastal and water views he city has expanded to such an extent that they have started to build man made islands. Dubai wanted to expand the coastline to cater to the growing tourist trade and the execution of this idea has to be seen to be believed. These new islands encompass tall high rise buildings of commerce, fantastic hotels and lucrative real estate.

The city is situated on the coastal strip bordering the desert and you would expect the city to get very hot. The best time to visit the area is from late September through to May. Any earlier than this you can expect temperatures to surge to around 45 degrees daily. The winter nights can get a little chilly with temperatures dropping to 10-16 degrees, but days reach a comfortable 25 degrees. During this time the beaches are in full use where many water activities take place in the crystal blue water.

The city's entertainment and culture is more than enough to keep any traveller amused. The many mosques and souks (traditional markets) are a real a treat to visit and give an indication of what the old Dubai used to be like. The city also offers a Creek Cruise where buildings and ships from the old Dubai can still be seen.

A seaplane tour is also available where you can see the border of the desert offset by the contemporary city skyline which gives an overwhelming feeling of East meeting West. The cities many malls are a day visit in themselves, all fully air-conditioned and complete with designer shops such as Gucci and Prada.

The travellers wishing to celebrate their wedding will find that Dubai is the right place to spend that special honeymoon vacation. The suites are all decorated with the finest finishes available complete with sofas and dining areas, a perfect place to eat the fine room service cuisine. En suite bathrooms have standalone bath tubs, bidets and powerful showers, all finished with beautiful marble vanities. Bathrobes and ice cold beverages await the guest after their relaxing soak as does their loungers on the private balconies overlooking the sparkling blue sea. Guests will find large flat screen televisions, gaming consoles, sound systems and first class cable.

The hotels cater for the business person in a professional and courteous manner complete with all of the state-of-the-art equipment. All rooms come complete with a desk and ergonomically designed chair where an international morning newspaper will be delivered to you by your very own butler. The suites many accessories include multi-lined phones, high speed wireless internet and fax machines. The 5 star hotel in Dubai offer personal assistants who can complete various administration tasks and handle your busy diary.

The more adventurous guest can find exciting activities such as scuba diving, sailing, or windsurfing. Perhaps you may try something a little more leisurely like a lunchtime cruise through Dubai all organised from your 5 star hotel in Dubai. 5 star hotels in Dubai perform a twice daily turndown service and a 24 hour room service. The staff are all polite, punctual and friendly.

These hotels all have world class facilities. Conference centers with internet, assistants and business lounges are a perfect place to hold meetings from private boardroom style meetings to large functions decorated to the guests design. Health spas and fitness centers are run by professional competent staff who try everyday to give visitors an experience to remember.

The cuisine at the hotel is outstanding, as chefs create tasty intelligent dishes from their private cook books. These hotels usually boast a variety of dishes from areas all over the globe, but local Arabic delicacies from Shawarmas to Falafels are something which every guest should try.

Dubai is a place with much to offer, from fantastic beaches to exhilarating water sports, mosques to art galleries and of course the inspiring infrastructure. The city really does offer everything a traveller could want whether the trip is for business or pleasure. With never ending sunsets and gorgeous views the metropolis is on top of many peoples' places to visit list, especially those looking to spend their honeymoon in what is now thought of as one of the best cities in the world. Dubai is a place where old meets new and east meets west, a place that could truly capture the heart of any traveler.

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