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About Hong Kong Travel

Hong Kong, which was a British territory from the mid-19th to late 20th century, has now been returned to the People’s Republic of China as agreed in a Chinese-British treaty drawn up in 1898. Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. This status allows it to retain much of the independence and many of the systems it developed under British rule.

Hong Kong’s official languages are Cantonese and English, but since the area was returned to Chinese rule at the end of the 20th century, Mandarin is becoming more prevalent. The currency used in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar, made up of 100 cents. However, coins are being used with less and less frequency in Hong Kong since the advent of electronic cards. Hong Kong is quite a safe city. The region also has excellent medical facilities. No vaccinations are required for a foreigner visiting the area. Hong Kong Hotels and Accommodation are plentiful and range from bargain hotels and hostels to 5 star luxury hotels.

Hong Kong Airports

There are a few small, local airports in Hong Kong, as well as one public heliport. The main airport is Hong Kong International (code: HKG). It has been the recipient of several “Best Airport” awards over the past few years, and most of its user reviews reflect this. This airport has almost everything, from a movie theater to a sports simulation activity area, from traditional food court fare to fancy restaurants, and from duty-free liquor shops to jewelry, technology, and designer clothing stores. Naturally, there are also plenty of banks and ATMs to help travelers fund their visit, internet cafes, and Wi-fi zones. A wealth of transfer, hotel, parking, transportation, and other information is on offer at the airport.

As well as being a destination in its own right, Hong Kong is a huge transfer point for Asia’s airline traffic. It is the hub for Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways, and handles daily scheduled flights from nearly 100 other major air carriers, such as American Airlines, Qantas, and Royal Jordanian.

Hong Kong Car Rental

Car rentals, taxis and other public transportation systems are the ways to go around in Hong Kong. Out of these options car rental is the best mode of transpiration. Car rental provides flexibly and freedom to your trip.

Hong Kong has a big list of local and international car rental companies operating there. You can choose between budgets to luxurious type of vehicles depending on your trip. Most of the car rental companies are found in an around Airport and hotels. You can rent a car with or without driver and if you choose drive, an international driving license is a must.

Car rental prices in Hong Kong will differ depending on the size of the vehicle you are looking for. Many companies will have a large selection of vehicles that can be collected from the airport upon arrival at Hong Kong. So whether you're looking to hire a smaller economy car or a people carrier to fit your family and their entire luggage into, the variety of choice available means that you can cater a car hire in Hong Kong.

Most of the car rental companies in Hong Kong ask for cash deposit or credit card and passport while hiring a car. Rates of these car rental companies include insurances and other taxes. Some of the popular car rental companies in Hong Kong are Asia Rent-A-Car, Autolease Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Diamond Lease Car Rental, Europcar, Hertz Rent A Car, Avis Rent A Car, and Speed Car Rentals etc.

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