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Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong tourist attractions are plentiful and you'll not need to venture far from the city to take them in.  Hong Kong offers museums with artifacts that are millions of years old, various arts and art galleries, outdoor gardens and aviary's, as well as historical architecture that will inspire the imagination and the visual senses.  Here's just a few of the "must see" Hong Kong tourist attractions for your bucket list.

Hong Kong Park and Visual Arts Centre

The Hong Kong Park is a large green area that contains the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, a marriage registry office, a restaurant, and an aviary, as well as the fountains, playgrounds, and ponds normally seen in parks. The aviary is worth special mention, as it is designed like a tropical rainforest and shelters over 150 different kinds of birds.

Government House

This mid-19th-century colonial house on Upper Albert Road used to be the residence of Hong Kong’s British governors. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region works there now. From time to time, the gardens are open to the public.

Sha Tin Che Kung Temple

Found in Sha Tin, this Chinese temple was built to honor Che Kung, who was a brave soldier who put down an uprising in southern China at the time of the Sung dynasty. He is worshipped for his courage and has been elevated to god status.

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History has an impressively large collection of artifacts from the area dating back 400 million years on permanent display. History and archaeology buffs will especially enjoy this museum.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

It is said by many that if visitors only have time to go to one museum in Hong Kong, it is this one, located in Sha Tin New Town. It has an unusual look for a museum, in that it is a group of attractive houses surrounding a courtyard in the Si He Yuan style of architecture. These houses shelter the museum’s twelve galleries, and each one of those galleries is well worth a look. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is less than ten years old, and is known for its exhibit on the development and progress of Cantonese opera.

Chi Lin Convent and Nan Lian Garden

These two attractions are located close together, but they do not actually adjoin. Chi Lin Convent is a Buddhist convent rebuilt in the Tang style. Articles of religious significance are kept in some of the convent’s rooms, and ponds with lotus flowers in them adorn the outside areas. The Nan Lian Garden is a painstakingly planned area of greenery 3.5 hectares in area tucked in among the apartment towers and is a beautiful place in which to take a short break from city life.


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