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Best Value Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a haven of excitement and vibrant energy. People who come here have high hopes of having a lot of fun and they are never disappointed. No wonder Las Vegas is one of the world’s most frequented tourist destination. Whether you love to see the Grand Canyon, get a dose of Vegas nightlife, or try your luck at the casino, you are bound to have a wonderful time. For affordable places to stay, here are some cheap hotels in Las Vegas representing the best value in Las Vegas hotel deals.

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Among the most popular hotels in the area is Luxor Hotel Las Vegas. Located in Boulevard South, this is a modern hotel and is known for its affordable accommodations. The place has stunning views of the mountain and has a reliable Wi-Fi connection. The pyramid design makes the hotel very unique. It has classy interiors, exciting entertainment shows, and quality accommodations.

The place has a casino, 24 hour room service, and facilities for the disabled. It also has an outdoor pool, a sauna, and a spa. This is the perfect venue for a vacation of a lifetime. The rooms are spacious and furnished to perfection. Floor to ceiling windows that are set at an angle provides fascinating views. The beds are clean and well maintained to allow guests to have a wonderful sleep. While this is one of the more affordable Las Vegas hotels, Luxor Hotel Las Vegas has very impressive accommodations.

The spa is among the best features of the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas. Guests will definitely have a relaxing time while being pampered by luxurious spa rituals and massages. Aside from the spa, guests will also delight in the variety of entertainment offered here. Get a dose of strip tease at Fantasy or watch a number of live performances from various artists.

Currently, the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas is offering great deals for its guests. There’s Vegas Summer Escape, Two Shows for $75, and 30% off rooms. The accommodations at the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas are some of the cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas that are worth checking out. Like most Las Vegas hotels, this is a popular venue for couples who would like the hassle free way to tie the knot. If you want to get married in Vegas, Luxor Hotel Las Vegas will help make your dream wedding come true. Check out their wedding package and have a happy wedding.

At the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas, guests can also have a wonderful time at the casino. They can try their luck on slot machines, poker, and table games.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Las Vegas

For guests who are looking for cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas, Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower is highly recommended. This is among the Las Vegas cheap hotels and is a great place to stay if you are with friends for a vacation. The hotel is one of the most recognizable structures in the area. Towering proudly and slashing the Vegas skyline with its 1, 149-foot tall tower, this place is truly way above it all. With 2,427 guest rooms this place features 24-hour reception, a modern casino, and internet connection. Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower may be one of the cheap Las Vegas hotels, but guests will never be bored here as there are so many exciting things to do. There are plenty of thrill rides that will definitely make your heart pound. Make your head spin with Insanity and Big Shot or feel your adrenaline surge with the Sky Jump and X- Scream. Guests can even take in the breathtaking Vegas views at the Observation Deck. Imagine looking down the city at more than 1000 foot high elevation. The experience is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower may be one of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas but guests will never run out of great places to eat. Top of the World offers 360o views of the city and serves yummy tasting dishes you will never forget. Aside from their amazing dishes, they also have an impressive wine list and elegant interiors. Your meal here is bound to be special.

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Also one of the cheap Las Vegas hotels worth checking is Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. This is among the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas as it has lots of things prepared for its guests. It has elegant meeting facilities for all kinds of corporate gatherings.

It also has impressive wedding packages for people who would like to tie the knot in Vegas. For the best bikini experience, there are cabanas and daybeds available—the perfect venues to show off that beach body. There is also a modern fitness centre on site so guests can still shape up even while away from home.
At Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. The guest rooms and suites are spacious and luxuriously decorated. Guests will absolutely get great value for their money. The Monaco Suites feature comfortable sofas and homey accents. The bed is big, with crisp luxurious linens to make sleep time even more blissful. Big windows showcase the fabulous city views. There is a well stocked mini fridge, a modern TV, and a spacious tub. Internet connection is also available for easy browsing.

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino has a spa and salon so guests can look their best while in the most exciting city in the world. After a soothing spa treatment, guests can head to the casino or dine in one of the hotel’s highly raved restaurants. Brand Steakhouse serves the most delectable premium grilled meats. Exquisite interiors will make each meal even more enjoyable.

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