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Where To Book A Room In London?

At, we understand that you’re looking for certain amenities, first and foremost. Some travelers wish to narrow down their search based on price or star rating, while others may require free internet and parking for a particular accommodation to be worth their while. Our site lets you search hotels that allow pets, places with swimming pools, or that offer wheelchair accessibility. It also helps to be able to search by location, which is where we feel many of the other London hotel booking sites fall short. Search by neighborhood (such as the Financial District, East London, or Kensington/Chelsea) or search by landmark (like Westminster Abbey, Parliament, or Big Ben). You can also pull up a map that shows you exactly where hotels are located. 

Book A Room In London Based On Reviews 

These days, hotels invest a lot of time, money and effort into creating an attractive web presence. It can be difficult to tell how nice a hotel is – even if there are many pictures and detailed descriptions written about them. What does the average person think when he or she walks into the lobby or first enters their suite? That’s the sort of information that matters most! 

You can often get an idea on how nice a hotel may be based on the price. Generally speaking, the rock bottom cheapest places are not the nicest. If you book a room in London at the Rest Up London for $44 a night, you can’t expect the Ritz Carlton. Rooms tend to be smaller, less well-maintained and noisier than higher priced accommodations. Even though a hotel advertises “free wi-fi,” it may not work as reliably or quickly as you’d hope at one of these lower-priced London flats. 

Price doesn’t always guarantee value, either. For instance, guests staying at City Apartments for $2,344 a night said they were nickel-and-dimed for a late check-in, there was no satellite TV, the Wi-Fi service didn’t work well, and the stairs were dangerously steep. Instead, you can search hotels based on guest satisfaction. London hotels our online bookers love most usually range from $300 to $500 a night – well-known names like The Savoy or The Ritz. However, you can also find affordable stays with favorable reviews atMercure London Greenwich Hotel ($112/night) or Hilton London Wembley ($142/night). 

Looking To Book A Room In London That Is Hip, Luxurious & New? 

Perhaps you heard about a new hotel opening in London and you’re curious to know what it’s all about. What amenities do they offer? What does it look like? Where is it located? How much does it cost per night? At, all this information is right at your finger tips. All you need to do is enter the name of the new hotel in the left hand column where it says “Hotel Name.” You can also peruse by “Hotel Chain” if you want to use reward points. 

A new hotel that’s getting a lot of buzz around the London scene is the Rosewood London. Unfortunately, no reviews have been posted yet, as it just opened in early October! These elegant, spacious accommodations were designed by Toni Chi and Associates with textured woods, light grey fabrics and a modern feel. You are just a five-minute walk from Oxford Street with lots of high-tech amenities in your room – a 46-inch flat-screen TV, Nespresso coffee machine, and iPod docking station. You’ll definitely want to check out the Mirror Room restaurant and the piano cocktail bar on-site. You can find rates as low as $429/night on our site, while others are advertising $599 and up for the same rooms. We guarantee the best rates when you book a room in London with us!

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