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All About Montreal Tourism

At the fork of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec lies Montreal, one of Canada's most eclectic cities. An island comprising approximately 123,000 acres of land, Montreal was first home to the Laurentian Iroquois. The name of the St. Lawrence River hails from both the name and language of this particular group of Iroquois. Nowadays, the city is as diverse as New York in its culture, history, education and attraction. Top Montreal hotels can be found river-side, as well as further inland near any one of the three area universities.

Mostly a French-speaking city and the second largest French-speaking population outside of France, the island still caters to the English speaker, as most signs, menus and hotel employees are bilingual.

Downtown Montreal Hotels are everything the business traveler can expect from top Montreal hotels. Many of the best Montreal restaurants are within walking distance and for the person who wants to create their own meals, there are grocery shopping services. Downtown Montreal hotels are clean, smart and impressive with many amenities such as salt water pools, Pay Per View, playground and activity centers for children, evening receptions and daily hot breakfast buffets. Further, Montreal luxury hotels are close to the Fine Arts Museum, the City University, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the business district in which is located the Palais des Congres Convention Center.

McGill University is a quick train ride from the McGill subway station which runs just north of the 720 expressway through the city. Concordia University also lies along the metro line to the south of downtown.

More of the best Montreal restaurants surround the Park du Mont Royal where the visitor can go to relax, walk through the natural beauty of the park and find some solace. At the top of Mont Royal, a 764 foot "mountain," the view of the city and the St. Lawrence River is breathtaking. Indeed, it is this lovely feature of the city that inspired its name.

Other local attractions near top Montreal hotels are the Universal Olympic Stadium and the Biodome which houses the city's botanical gardens, both only 3 1/2 miles north of downtown along the metro line. The stadium was built to host the 1976 Olympics and today provides daily tours.

This Quebec city is well-known for its artwork, starting with French architecture that hails back to the 1600's. This architecture, mixed with modern skyscrapers, gives the city a very European feel. Avenue Art, a gallery located in Multi Media City in old town, is owned by Marie Cutler who has been the curator for 16 years. She brings many new artists into the spotlight and can help the collector find many contemporary pieces. The gallery has a casual atmosphere with warm wood floors and visitors can take their time perusing and enjoying the many works.

If you are interested in other tours, join a bike tour where you can go as slowly or as quickly as you are capable or desirous. You will be brought through historical Old Montreal and the old port, shown the local attractions, given advice on area cuisine and your tour guide will also give you a quick history of the area.

One specific site you may want ask your tour guide about is the underground city – an enormous underground shopping mall connected with over 20 miles of tunnels to 38 downtown buildings, the metro line, the Place des Arts Theater, the University and numerous four star hotels. During the summer months, it is a fantastic escape from the heat, even if shopping is not your forte.

After a tour of the island, return to your Montreal luxury hotels to find exceptional service, a rooftop swimming pool, a state of the art fitness center, or Montreal's only revolving rooftop restaurant which boasts stunning views of the city. Complete your day with room service and a steam bath. One hotel is entirely non-smoking for those who need a breath of fresh air.

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