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Book A Room In New York City For Under $100

Imagine if you could Book a Room in New York City for $100 a night. Most times of the year, this would be an impossible feat. However, the fourth annual Hotel Week NYC is just around the corner, expected to kick off about January 3rd and running until January 12th, 2015. Thirty hotels are participating this year, giving you a selection of fixed rate rooms at $100, $200 or $300 a night, plus tax. Some of these establishments usually charge $500 a night, so you are getting quite a bargain! 

New York City Hotel Week 2015 Is Coming! will help you research the best places to book a room in New York City during the promotion. On the homepage, type in where you’re traveling and the dates you’d like to go. From there, look in the left hand column under “Hotel Name,” where you can type in a hotel name to see an organized list of hotel amenities, stars, photos, reviews, regular rates, and a map of the location. 

For $100/night, you can stay at: Affinia Manhattan, The New York Manhattan Hotel, Ramada New York (East Side), The Hotel @ Times Square, Cosmopolitan Hotel TriBeCa, Comfort Inn (Times Square), Quality Inn (Midtown West / Hell’s Kitchen), The Gem Hotel (Chelsea), The Gem Hotel (Midtown West / Hell’s Kitchen), The Gem Hotel (SoHo), Marrakech Hotel On Broadway (Upper West Side), Pod 39 (Midtown), or Wolcott Hotel (Midtown). 

For $200/night, you can stay at: Ace Hotels in Flatiron (Chelsea), Hotel Americano (Chelsea), Hotel Chandler (Flatiron), Gaansevort Park Avenue, The Jade Hotel (Greenwich Village), Kitano New York Hotel (Times Square), Hotel Elysee (Midtown East), Hotel Giraffe (NoMad), Library Hotel (Midtown), The Maritime Hotel (Chelsea), The OUT NYC (Hell’s Kitchen), Refinery Hotel New York (Fashion District), The Roger New York (Madison Square Park), or Sanctuary Hotel NYC (Times Square). 

For $300/night, you can stay at The James New York (SoHo) or Thompson LES (Lower East Side). 

Where To Book A Room In New York City 

New York is a huge city. Luckily, the mass transit system is one of the nation’s best, so as long as you’re close to a bus or subway line, you can get around with ease. Even so, you will want to consider choosing a hotel room in the region where you’ll be spending most of your time. 

  • Book a room in Manhattan / Midtown if you want: tall buildings, shopping, the Empire State Building, landmarks
  • Book a room in Long Island if you want: beaches, vacation homes, lighthouses, nature preserves, aquariums
  • Book a room in the Upper East Side if you want: museums, dining, shopping, cultural landmarks, Central Park
  • Book a room in the Lower East Side if you want: hip bars, music, restaurants, graffiti, Thompkins Square Park
  • Book a room in Times Square if you want: tourist shops, electronics, comedy shows, flashy lights, TV studios
  • Book a room in Chelsea if you want: world famous art galleries, the GLBF scene, The High Line, antiques
  • Book a room in Hell’s Kitchen if you want: thrift shops, flea markets, nightlife, The Daily Show / Colbert Report 

How To Book A Room In New York & Get The Best Deal 

Honestly, you may not be getting the greatest deal on the $300/night stays. The Thompson LES, for example, is usually priced around $309/night, so you’re not really saving a ton of money. On the other hand, the $100 a night hotel rooms are practically a steal! Cosmopolitan Hotel TriBeCa usually goes for $288/night and Affinia Manhattan is close to $300/night regularly as well (not to mention very highly rated by guests!) 

If you’re used to “slumming it” to save a buck, you should definitely take advantage of this great promotion to enjoy a more comfortable stay without going over budget. Our site guarantees the lowest prices on New York hotel rooms. Feel free to call us 24/7 to book by phone or have any questions promptly and courteously answered.


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