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Choosing A New York City Hotel

With an ambiance the likes of which you won't find anywhere else, New York opens its arms to travelers the world over, each intent on finding their own bit of the American dream. Each place to stay in NYC that you'll find presented here has been carefully chosen to represent the very best that this dynamic, effervescent city has to offer its visitors, mixing the dazzling sophistication of America's finest metropolis with the hospitality and friendliness that is so characteristic of the city and its people. Whether visiting Manhattan on business or planning the vacation of a lifetime, if you're looking for an amazing hotel New York City won't disappoint.

Ellis Island was the traditional port of entry for New York's pilgrims, immigrants hoping for something better in the land of opportunity and to this day NYC casts a glamor over peoples from all all four corners of the world, with more annual visitors than any other city in The Americas still intent on finding their part of 'The American Dream', whether it's on a 2-week vacation, business travel or part of a wider exploration of America's East Coast. For those explorers who need a hotel New York City is pretty much a Mecca of the West, with options to suit all budgets and requirements. From high-rise apartments and penthouses on Broadway through to more modest guestrooms and hostels in equally-celebrated neighborhoods such as Queens or Staten Island there is something for everyone in 'the city that never sleeps'.

Nowadays most overseas visitors touch down at one of The Big Apple's two biggest airports, John F Kennedy International or La Guardia, with both offering superb hotel and motel lodgings for those on all budgets. If you have an early flight to catch, you might want to check in at a hotel located in the neighborhood of Queens, which has a superb range of places to stay that can suit all budgets. Most of the larger hotels here run courtesy shuttles to the airport terminals, allowing you to ditch the car and rest easy the night before your flight. As well as an ideal location for catching a plane, this part of New York serves as a great jumping-off point for exploring the wider NY area, with the city's extensive freeway network converging here, allowing car drivers access to everywhere from The Hamptons to New Jersey in short order. From the comfort of your hotel, attrations in New York City are within your reach. As well as this, Queens is also a superb destination in its own right, with some of the city's best restaurants and most vibrant communities providing an effervescent atmosphere like no other.

For those who are in the market for a great hotel, New York City provides possibly North America's widest selection from which to choose. From the great value motels and hostels in Queens and The Bronx to some of the world's most esteemed marques bordering Central Park, there really is a world of choice for anybody that is looking for a place to stay. What kind of lodging you select will, of course, be driven largely by your budget but the huge number of hotels and motels in NYC mean that competition between hoteliers is intense, particularly in the current challenging financial climate. If you're willing to put in a small amount of effort you're likely to find some great deals on places to stay in and around the city that you may have initially considered to be outwith your means. If you want a cheap and comfortable room close to where the action is, you should check out some of Manhattan Island's outstanding motels, hotels and hostels that represent superb value for money and allow you to experience 'the city that never sleeps' 24/7.

When those on very small budgets are selecting a hotel in New York City can at first appear to be prohibitively expensive, but as well as the familiar four and five star lodgings you'll find in all world cities, NYC also has a huge number of great value hostels and bed&breakfasts from which to choose. These great places to stay in the city provide everything you need to enjoy a great vacation, with comfortable and clean rooms available for knock-down prices. Provided you're willing to do without facilities like valet parking and 24-hour room service you'll find this kind of lodging is perfect for staying in New York on a shoestring budget.

Many people traveling to The Big Apple are intent on exploring the city's legendary nightlife, which really is the best in the world. Manhattan's Midtown area is perhaps the most instantly-recognizable part of the city, with its epic skyline a familiar sight the world over. Despite its reputation as an expensive place to stay, you can also get great deals on everything from budget motels to 5-star suites and apartments here by shopping around and choosing carefully. Of course if you want to stay in an exceptional New York City hotel, Book A Room is the perfect place to be looking. Quality inevitably has its cost, but it needn't be as expensive as you think to stay in one of the city's iconic hostels.

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