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Great Hotels In New York City

It's been described as 'The City That Never Sleeps'. When John Kander and Fred Ebb wrote that song in the late 1970's New York was a city on the edge: crime was in the ascendant and the jewel of the American East Coast was losing its sparkle. What the city's anthem spoke of then with a nostalgic yearning has, in modern times, been renewed with the Big Apple emerging from travails no one could then have predicted better and even more confident than before. Here at we pay tribute to New York City, a city that stands as testament to the indomitable spirit of 21st century America, offering you a range of the very best places to stay in and around NYC with options to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you need an affordable yet comfortable airport hotel or want to live it up in a 5-star penthouse apartment on Manhattan's 5th Avenue, if you're looking for a great hotel in New York City we have the perfect selection from which to choose.

With such a bewildering range of things to do and places to see choosing the right place to stay can be a somewhat confusing prospect, especially if you haven't visited the city before. To help with narrowing your search, it's an idea to establish early on what the purpose of your visit is going to be: is it business, pleasure or a mixture of both? If you're in town for work, you might appreciate the convenience of lodgings close to one of the city's major airports, John F Kennedy International, New York La Guardia or Newark International. As well as a wide range of places from which to choose covering all star ratings and price levels you'll benefit from superb transportation links between NYC and the surrounding neighborhoods and boroughs. Interstate 678, for example, conveys from JFK northwards to Yonkers and Mount Vernon, while the Long Island Expressway (Interstate 495) goes east-west via Queens meaning that from your hotel New York USA can be the starting point for a wider North American adventure.

As well as budget, the reason for your visit is a primary consideration to make when choosing where to stay in the city. If you're going to be in town for a while you might want to book a room in a city center hotel, where you can be minutes away from all The Big Apple has to offer. Midtown in the heart of Manhattan Island, for example, is home to several of NYC's most iconic attractions, including the Empire State Building, Broadway and Central Park and is a great locale to consider reserving a hotel room in. While it's true that room rates tend to be somewhat higher in Midtown, great deals can be found with a bit of perseverance and by choosing the time of your visit carefully. Many of Manhattan's business hotels, for example, trade at near-full occupancy during the week thanks to huge numbers of commercial clientele, but discount rates and special prices can often be obtained through booking at weekends. By choosing this kind of hotel in New York City, everything is right on your doorstep, with a wonder of the modern world to be discovered on pretty much every corner.

Manhattan is also home to some of the most esteemed lodgings to be found anywhere in the planet, with some names that are so revered as to be world-famous. These 5-star palaces provide the last word in opulence and comfort as well as premier levels of service and secondary facilities. By staying in these kinds of hotels in New York City, it ceases to be merely a city and starts to resemble the fairytale cultural postcards painted by such renowned New York artistes as Frank Lloyd Wright, George Gershwin and Woody Allen. reserving a room or suite at a place like this is akin to living within the beating heart of the city itself and provides so much more than simply a comfortable bed for the night. If you have the means, few pleasures in this world are greater than that afforded by the view from a room overlooking Central Park with New York's glittering skyscrapers forming a background that is as mythical as it is beautiful.

When you're looking for a hotel in New York City, we have a vast range of hotels to cover everything from cheap and cheerful hostels and B&B's to ostentatious and luxurious apartments and penthouses. As well as traditional lodgings, many of the most exciting places to stay in NYC take more unexpected forms, such as brownstone tenement hostels in Brooklyn or budget motels on Staten Island. One sector of the hospitality industry in which the city particularly excels is that of Boutique accommodation, where elements such as decor and design that are frequently treated as a secondary consideration in other hotels take center stage. Boutique hotels in New York City also tend to offer a generally more intimate scale, with fewer rooms and a higher staff to guest ratio creating a friendly, personal atmosphere that is often missing in the more formal, grandiose surroundings of a traditional establishment.

Whenever you're arriving we wish you the very best of luck on your NYC adventure. There's little doubt that this will be one of the most thrilling trips you've ever undertaken whether you're on the vacation of a lifetime or are in town to mix a bit of business and pleasure. With the world's most exciting city at your fingertips and its sights and sounds at the door of your hotel in New York City will prove to be unlike anywhere else you've ever been.

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