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Hotels In New York City

Originally founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch in 1624 and called New Amsterdam, the City was renamed New York forty years later when the English took over control. Today, New York City in the USA is a part of one of the largest metropolitan areas of the world, a truly global city that exerts a powerful influence over international culture, fashion, entertainment as well as finance and commerce. Staying at a hotel New York City offers is an amazing and unforgettable experience which enables visitors to experience the sheer wonder of this magnificent metropolis.

Lying at the mouth of the Hudson River in the south of the state by the same name, "The Big Apple" as it is affectionate called is part of the Mid-Atlantic east coastal region. It is made up of five boroughs, each one large enough to be a distinct city in its own right and is complete with its own culture and personality; The Bronx, home to the state zoo and the New York Yankees baseball team, Brooklyn, well know for artists, musicians, beautiful beaches and Coney Island and Manhattan, the island between the Hudson and East Rivers and home to many iconic buildings. In the borough of Queens visitors will find the two international airports, the New York Mets professional baseball team and the Open Tennis Center and it is one of the ethnically most diverse regions in the world. Staten Island, the large island in the harbor boasts a more sedate suburban character.

This most famous skyline on earth is dominated by the Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty greets guests as they arrive while Wall Street, Central Park, Times Square, Harlem and other trendy neighborhoods such as Greenwich Village and SoHo are household names. The birthplace of many cultural movements, diversity of culture, a mass transport system of commuter rail, Amtrak, subway buses, taxis and cars that operates 24 hours a day, it is no wonder this is known as "The city that Never Sleeps."

Many of the hotels New York City offer reflect the architectural heritage of the city with multistory, high-rise hotels standing cheek by jowl to quaint stone and brick buildings. Some are situated on tranquil street-lined avenues providing easy access to Central Park with stunning views while other are located in the hub of the financial and business center. A huge variety of hotels exists from cheap establishments away from the center to the many very expensive luxury hotels many of which are located in Manhattan. These allow easy access to the amazing array of restaurants, museums, and a nightlife second to none, Entertainments include theaters, dance, film and music as well as world famous New York nightclubs frequented by international celebrities on a regular basis. The choice of shops will give any shopaholic a high and the best advice to give is to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes to make the most of this shopping experience.

Alternative cheaper New York City hotel accommodation is available just over the Hudson River in New Jersey which is only a short ferry ride away. Long Island too, has a range of mid-price hotels with all-night trains to Manhattan. The entrances, and lobbies of the more luxurious hotels are well known through many films and TV programs. Huge and spacious with impressively grand staircases and crystal chandeliers hanging from ornate ceilings and decorated walls with original artworks provide more than just a glimpse into a bygone era. Art deco masterpieces, contemporary sofas and modern floral arrangements complete the stunning blend of old world elegance and new world opulence.

Guest rooms too, are very varied with a wide range of accommodation available. From the small rooms of a cheap hotel New York offers that will just fit in a bed and TV and little else to en suite rooms and multisuite enormous apartments, there is indeed accommodation for everyone. Many decor styles are to be found from luxurious Louis XVl style furniture to chic modern styles with art deco features and fittings enriched with texture and detail. Over sized king-size beds with double topped mattresses dressed in the finest Egyptian linen and goose down duvets are a feature of top-class hotels. Business hotels ensure that all the modern amenities and facilities for the corporate guests are available as well. These include high-speed internet access, a large working desk, data points and business services such as fax, printing and photocopying.

While all hotels include private bathrooms, nothing can compete with the luxurious marble bathrooms with sunken baths, separate showers and stunning bath amenities that are part and parcel of the luxurious hotels New York City offers.

Guests in search of a healing and rejuvenating spa experience will find a hotel New York offers that provides exactly that. The Waldorf, for example has 16 treatment rooms were guests can enjoy tranquil treatments and invigorating massages as well as indoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis and fitness centers.

Other fantastic amenities include state-of-the art conference centers with imposing ballrooms, theatrical stages and sophisticated lighting. The cuisine provided is often by the same gourmet in-house restaurants ensuring that all guests experience the brilliance, variety and style of New York cuisine.

A hotel New York City offers is the perfect base for a wonderful trip to the city providing easy access to tourist attractions, restaurants nightlife and shopping. Stunning guest rooms, fine cuisines and business facilities ensure that all guests will find perfect accommodation to suite their purposes.

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