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Rome Boutique Hotels

Rome is said to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, capturing the very essence of Italy with the seductive language and romantic Rome boutique hotels. Staying in one of the many luxurious boutique hotels is an experience to savor.

A boutique hotel is a unique establishment that can cater for either a small intimate number of guests or a larger hotel chain that has many different rooms available, the smaller hotels are not normally part of a chain but are privately run. Some Rome boutique hotels have themed rooms and can be altered, within reason, to suit your needs. If for instance, you wanted to get away from all the technology available, the room can be stripped of all the electrical equipment to give you a quiet night's sleep. Alternatively if you require some of the latest gadgets 24 hours a day then they will be happy to try and provide this. Rome Boutique hotels are also known as "lifestyle hotels" or "design hotels", as they will depict a setting or a lifestyle that the guest has achieved or wants. From the moment you arrive at your boutique hotel there will be a warm welcome waiting for you. The rooms will be well equipped with air conditioning and much more, also there are different levels of rooms for everyone's budget.

Being the capital of Italy Rome has plenty to offer, steeped in history it has something for everyone. The Mediterranean climate keeps temperatures cool throughout the autumn and spring months, rising to a steep 30 degrees Celsius, 86 degrees Fahrenheit by midsummer and the winter months are cold with some snow.

Food plays a major part in the Italian way of life and what better way to experience the wonders and the passion of the food than by cooking it yourself. There are many classes and workshops available to introduce even the most novice of cooks to the great Italian food. Then what better way to finish than a tour around the vineyards of Vino Roma, tasting the wine and seeing how the fantastic wine is produced from the grape to the bottle.

Renowned for its beautiful architecture and stunning art work Rome has many historic buildings and churches to visit, each with their unique take on Italy, but all stunning. The Basilica di San Pietro is huge and amazing, to see the Vatican in all its wonderful glory, followed by a tour of the museum and the crypts, it is a must when in Rome. The gardens within the Vatican are gorgeous and peaceful. The Ancient Roman Coliseum is what Rome is all about, it is its history and these beautiful ruins are fascinating to see. Taking a tour around the magnificent site is well worth it and the knowledge that you will gain is amazing. Trevi fountain is one of the most photographed fountains in Rome and has the belief that if you throw a coin into the fountain you will return to Rome, viewing this wonderful fountain at night is magical and to listen to the flow of water is truly magical.

Viewing St. Peter in Chains is amazing, not only has the church got a sculpture of Moses that adorns the incomplete tomb of Pope Julius II by Michelangelo, but this church dates back to the 5th century and is stunning, it is peaceful and reflective, with fantastic architecture and to see the chains that held St Peter it can be very moving and spiritual. Castel Sant'Angelo is an historical monument which began as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian and ended up a fortress to hide the Pope during civilian battles. The stunning gardens are tranquil and beautiful, the ideal setting for a romantic proposal.

There are many wonderful restaurants and bars throughout the city and they all offer a different type of cuisine at a range of prices. Whether you are on a budget vacation or a trip of a lifetime it is always a relief to know that after the enjoyable time experienced on the sightseeing tours there are the beautiful, luxurious, Rome boutique hotels to return to, to be pampered and enjoy the unique experience that they offer.

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