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Rome Tourist Attractions

To help you get the most from your Rome Holiday or vacation, Book A Room™ has compiled some of the best tourist attractions and places that are a "must see" in Rome. While in Rome you'll be sure to want to see some of the Ancient Rome tourist attractions, the many notable public squares in Rome, as well as the many historical museums and galleries that are like no place else in the world! 

Rome Tourist Attractions – Ancient Rome

The Apostolic Palace in Vatican City is the building in which the pope resides. The famous Sistine Chapel is located in this palace and is one of the most famous chapels in the land. It is best remembered for the ceiling painting by renaissance artist Michelangelo, although the decor of this chapel has been worked on by many other artists.

The Colosseum is one of the Rome tourist attractions that should need no introduction to anyone. As far as Rome tourist attractions go, this one probably tops the list as the iconic symbol of Rome. Hosting a variety of events such as gladiator fights, executions, theatrical plays and much more before 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum will always be one of the most revered attractions in the world. Because of its bloody history and, of course, the many movies and TV shows that have been produced about the Colosseum, it is probably the most well-known of all Rome tourist attractions.

The Roman Forum is the most political of all Rome tourist attractions. Surrounded by many government buildings, there were many important political speeches, processions and elections over the years. There were also famous gladiator matches and criminal trials held here, giving this a unique history and making it one of the top Rome tourist attractions.

The Pantheon is a large, circular building nearly 2,000 years old that was dedicated by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all of the gods. Consisting of Corinthian columns made of granite, it is perhaps the most well-preserved building among all of the ancient attractions. The dome of the Pantheon is still the largest non-reinforced concrete dome in the world.

The Trevi Fountain is a unique attraction and is known for its breathtaking beauty and art, making it one of the most well-known fountains in the world. It is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and must be counted as one of the top Rome tourist attractions.

Rome Tourist Attractions – Notable Public Squares

A list of Rome tourist attractions would simply be incomplete without the lovely, artistic Piazza di Spagna square. The square hosts a large fountain and many buildings, famous streets, antique shops and boutiques. Between the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinità dei Monti are a large set of steps known as the Spanish Steps. This is included in the best Rome tourist attractions because of its age, surroundings and size, as there is no wider staircase in all of Europe. The Trinità dei Monti church sits at the top of the steps.

Piazza del Popolo is another square that must be included among the Rome tourist attractions. The modern name means “people’s square” but it originally derived from poplars. The church of Santa Maria del Popolo, located in the square also derived its name from poplars. Many executions took place in this square over hundreds of years which adds to the modern tourism quality.

Campo de’ Fiori, which means “field of flowers,” is a large square that was used for a variety of uses by the townspeople and executions were held there as well. It was unused throughout ancient Rome but because of its architectural and historical qualities, it is one of the best Rome tourist attractions.

Another large square is the Piazza del Campidoglio, which sits atop Capitoline Hill. It is encompassed by buildings from another of the top Rome tourist attractions, the Capitoline Museums.

Rome Tourist Attractions – Museums and Galleries

The Capitoline Museums are one of the most architectural and artsy of the Rome tourist attractions. There are three main buildings- Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori and the Palazzo Nuovo. Each of these Rome tourist attractions were designed, redesigned or modified by Michelangelo.

Rome tourist attractions include the Villa Giulia built by Pope Julius III in the mid-16th century. It is currently the Museo Nazionale Etrusco (National Etruscan Museum) featuring a great collection of Etruscan art and artifacts.

Another great art attraction in the city is the Doria Pamphilj Gallery, located in the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. One of the best art galleries to top the list of great Rome tourist attractions, this gallery features a huge collection of paintings, statues and even furniture.

Castel Sant’Angelo, also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, is one of the Rome tourist attractions that have been in use for many different purposes over the years. Originally designed to be a mausoleum, it was converted to a military fortress and later much of it destroyed by looters. The popes turned it into a castle and prison and today, it is the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo.

The city of Rome is abounding with ancient civilization history, architecture and art. Any trip to the city will be incomplete without a visit to each of the top Rome tourist attractions listed above.


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