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How To Book A Paris Hotel Room Deal

Paris is a city of love, accordion music, cinematography and authentic art. Its museums, cathedrals, parks, and, of course, Eiffel Tower have enthused tourists for centuries. But to talk about Paris and to say nothing of Paris Hotels is to overlook something very important and significant for the tourists who come to visit Paris. 

There are over 2000 Hotels in Paris

A great deal of these Paris Hotels are hotels which are themselves the embodiment of Parisian art and architectural style.

Paris Hotel Champs Elysées Plaza is located in a 19th century pompous building which is situated just in the center of the city close to Place de la Concorde and well-known Avenue des Champs Elysees. The interior design of the hotel rooms is in art deco styling with comfortable furniture and all the desired amenities.

Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal is a Paris hotel which occupies an 18th century building made of freestone. It is situated in the very center of Paris, in the 1st district (or 1re arrondissement) and is 5 minute walk from the Louvre museum and Palais Royal. This Paris hotel may be a great starting point to seeing of sights in Paris.

Hotel de Lutèce is situated on the Saint Louis Island. The building of the hotel dates back to 17th century. Its location gives great possibility to stroll down banks of the Seine and a visit to the famous Notre Dame de Paris on the Île de la Cité crossing the bridge Pont Saint-Louis.

The hotel De la Tour Eiffel has the perfect location in Paris, just few steps from Eiffel Tower and several minutes from Champs de Mars. It doesn't even matter that the hotel has only 2 stars. The district, where the hotel is located is so typically French, it has so many places to see, so many restaurants to visit, that the proximity to the all these sights is all that matters.

For Seekers of True National French Zest

Book A Room in Paris that will meet your aspirations and expectations. And it is so easy to find a hotel in Paris, because in Paris you'll find the natural zest is even in the air!


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