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How To Find A Great Travel Deal

Because of the looming economic crisis many people have pushed travel to the bottom of their to-do list. If travel is important to you and you find yourself reluctant to give up your travel plans then it is important to find a great travel deal. There are many travel deals available. Some travel deals available are things like discount cruises, discount hotel and air packages, cheap airline tickets, discounted tour packages, and last minute travel to book a room.

Find a Last Minute Travel Deal

One of the best ways to get a great travel deal is by searching for last minute sales. Occasionally people have emergencies that cause them to give up their seats, which means that there are often last minute seats available that airlines are willing to sell at a discount. To find these last minute deals you can call a travel agent, look online, call the airlines or call other companies that sell vacation packages. Be sure to search on discount travel websites to find great discounted tickets.

Discount Travel under Age 25

For travelers that are under the age of 25, you may contact travel agencies to find out about discount tickets for young travelers. There are many great deals on trains, planes, and vacation packages for people under the age of 25. An international youth identity card will get you discounted tickets for museums and other tourist places for people under the age of 25. Hotels and regulatory agencies in the country of travel will determine the age to book a room so its best to research this online in advance.

Consult an Online Travel Guide

There are discounted vacation packages to tourist hot spots around the world. Right now there are many travel deals for hotel and travel packages for trips to Mexico, Florida, Vegas, Paris, and Norwegian cruises. Travel agencies are not always the best resources. Many times you can find the best prices by doing your own online research. Consider consulting a travel guide like the comprehensive guide published by Frommers.  Nevertheless, you want to make sure that you don’t pick a vacation simply because it is inexpensive.

Always Read the Hotel Guest Reviews

You want to find a good travel deal or hotel deal but its important to read reviews first to make sure that it’s not a cheap hotel or cheap travel because of low quality. Sometimes a low price doesn’t guarantee a good vacation. You may have a terrible time if you end up in a terrible hotel, or on a terrible flight, or at a bad destination. There are many websites dedicated to travel review -- at these sites you are able to review what actual customers said about their vacation. offers thousands of hotel reviews from guests that stayed at the hotel. 

Venture Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes to find a good travel deal you just have to go off the traditional tourist path. For example, Jamaica is a popular and well-known resort island of the Caribbean. However, if you are willing to try the Dominican Republic you many get the same quality of vacation for a much lower price. Some people like to travel with a group in a pre-planned, organized vacation. Others prefer to hit the open road on a road trip and be foot-loose, and fancy-free.

Consider a National Park Vacation

In North America there are many national parks that are cheap and beautiful places to explore and discover. If you buy a national park pass you will be able to visit these parks very inexpensively. All you have to do is pack up your camping equipment and hit the open road. How expensive it is to travel depends on the individual. Some people spend thousands of dollars visiting Paris while others only spend a few hundred. Just start looking around and you’ll soon discover many great travel deals whether you elect to book a room or bring your backpacking and camping gear!

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