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How To Travel On A Budget

In today’s turbulent economy many people seem to be using a budget more than ever before. People that have lost their job, or are afraid that they might soon lose their job, are finding many ways to cut their expenses. Many people have chosen to eliminate travel from their budget since travel is considered optional. However, others have found ways to lessen the expense of travel without giving it up altogether.

How to Find Cheap Flights

Transportation costs are often the most expensive costs of travel. For example, flying can be one of the big ways that you can cut your expenses -- there are many cheap flights available these days. One of the best places to find cheap flights is by looking on the various travel sites on the internet. Consider one of the Internets oldest and leading Travel Booking Sites,  Sometimes the airlines own sites do not offer the best deals. Frequently the best deals are available on sites that aggregate multiple airline carriers, like Book A Room.  You can often fight a better priced airline flight when comparing multiple airleines at the same time and Book A Room does just that for you in seocnds. And to save money always check out the package deals.  It’s best to check for individual rates as well as package deals to detemine which option provides a good combination of flexibility, price, and value.

Alternatives to Flying

If you will not be flying there are many other ways to travel. You can consider traveling on a train or on a bus or in your own car. Train rides can be quite fun -- you can travel without having to worry about getting lost or paying attention to the road. Instead, you can enjoy looking out the window and the beautiful scenery. The bus system in the U.S. is not usually a very pleasant or efficient way to travel. In other countries the bus system is more advanced and traveling by bus can be a pleasant experience.

Another way to travel is by rental car. Rental cars are fun because you don’t have to worry about them breaking down. Many rental cars come equipped with g.p.s. so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. For the best deals, rental cars should be reserved in advance. Probably the most expensive part of your travel will be the accommodations.  Always use a hotel booking site that compares the rates of multiple hotel chains and booking engines at once.

How About Cheap Motels and Hotels?

Hotels can be quite expensive. Some more flexible travelers have decided to forego the expense of a large, opulent hotel and have chosen instead to stay in a cheaper motel or hostel. Densely populated cities like Hong Kong, typically offer a large network of accommodations inlcuding hostels. There are hostels that have private rooms so you can enjoy staying with only your family and not with strangers. If you are traveling by yourself you may be able to find a dorm room to stay in. Dorms are a great place to stay because of their low expense. It is also a fun way to meet other like-minded travelers.

Its a Big World with a Lot of Options

It’s a big world and the places to travel and explore are virtually limitless. You don’t always need to stay at the well-known resorts and the popular amusement parks; there are many other fun travel options that are not quite as well known. One way to find them is to go outside the usual places and explore other locales that are not quite as well known. Going to lesser known places is one way to save money.

Another way to cut costs while traveling is to choose where you eat very carefully. Restaurants are usually overpriced and one of the ways that money is wasted while traveling. A better option is to buy food at the grocery store and make sandwiches. Or bring a few basic cooking utensiles to cook meals in your room if you have chosen a room equipped with a kitchen.  Most rooms will at least have a microwave oven so be sure to check the ammeniteis if you're planning to cook in the room.

Consider a Room with a Kitchen

Many hostels and some hotels are designed with kitchens making it easy for travelers to prepare their own meals. If you use all of these suggestions you will find that it is possible to travel and stick to your budget at the same time. You will find that saving money and enjoying travel are two hobbies that can go hand in hand. You can book a room and travel on a budget to add adventure to your next vacation. You may find yourself exploring locations you otherwise may never have tried.

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