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Tips To Book A Cheap Hotel Deal

Every year millions of people pack up their things and go on a trip for a much-needed vacation or holiday break. But sometimes the lodging and its amenities doesn't play a big role in what they’ll remember most about the trip. Some vacationers prefer sightseeing to spending days inside a hotel room, whereas others prefer luxury hotels with all the amenities from room service to spa treatment.

What’s Really Important in a Hotel Stay?

Nowadays there are a lot of travelers who prefer to choose wallet-friendly or budget minded hotel rooms. And they’re typically the right choice and growing in popularity. Today, so many eccentric things may be found in even 3-star modestly priced hotels. Real connoisseurs will appreciate the true value of vintage furniture and lamps, replicas of well-known paintings on the walls, classic tapestry on the beds, and shuttered windows. But for most of us, what’s important is the convenience of the hotel’s location to quality dining, attractions, and transportation. And if you’re travelling with family, you’ll want to be mindful of what’s most important to your kids and spouse as well. These are the things that indelible memories are made of.

Profit from Those that Stayed Before You

The best way to avoid a bad experience in your hotel choice is to read the hotel guest reviews of those travelers that have stayed in the hotel before you. You’ll gain some real authentic insight and avoid quirky rooms with atrocious bedspreads, weird stuff in the drawers, stale breakfast bars, and thin walls that will make your attempts to sleep a nightmare. There are millions of hotel room gems in the 2 star and 3 star class worldwide. A bit of research and diligence will help you to avoid the small percentage of the low cost hotels that can ruin your vacation or holiday experience. It’s only a cheap hotel deal if it’s a good value for your money; otherwise, it’s just a cheap hotel resulting in a bad deal and a bad experience. And the best way to know what to expect is to read the hotel reviews. Photos provided by the hotel sometimes depict the best rooms, and not the typical rooms or even the average rooms. In this case a cheap hotel won't be the right solution. Make sure your cheap hotel deal is highly rated by the previous hotel guests and you are well on your way to an enjoyable hotel stay.

Hotel Room Prices Can Be Negotiable

If you are not the one who seeks a fanciful or stately retro hotel room atmosphere, but look for a cost-effective clean accommodation, there is another way to save money without hearing your neighbors snoring in the room next door. Often, hotel room prices are negotiable; the only trick is to find the right person with which to negotiate the room rate and to know the basics of bargaining. Often, this will be the front desk manager or even the general manager depending upon the size of the hotel.

How to Negotiate a Hotel Room Rate

Like everything else, the best time to try to negotiate a room rate is when you have leverage. If you show up at the front desk -needing a room -with your family in tow during a busy convention week, don’t expect to get any concessions. However, if you are staying somewhere for several days or more, you’d be surprised to find that you might be able to negotiate a better room rate. Try walking down the street and letting a nearby higher quality hotel manager know that for the right hotel room deal you’ll check out of your existing hotel and move over to their hotel for the remainder of your stay! You’ll be surprised to find that this technique will help you to save money and upgrade your hotel stay with virtually no risk to your itinerary.


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