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Best Toronto Hotels

Toronto is situated on Lake Ontario and is the second largest city in Canada with a population of just over two and a half million. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it was once a pioneer settlement and became a city in 1753. Nowadays, it is a vibrant and bustling place, which offers excitement and interest at every turn. If you are looking for a place to stay then any one of the best Toronto hotels you select will not disappoint. You cannot fail to be impressed with the high levels of comfort and service and the legendary friendliness of the Canadian people.

Toronto is known to have more than 35,000 hotel rooms that are scattered across all the nooks and crannies of the city. Every hotel has the capacity of offering you an integrated service which enables you to enjoy food, drinks, sports and music at a very affordable and convenient flat rate. Whatever preference you have, you will definitely get the right service that was specifically designed to suit your taste and requirements. Every hotel provides high quality in-room and outdoor amenities that are aimed at giving clients the very best of experience. Some of the best hotels in the Toronto are: Gladstone Hotel, Holiday Inn, The Drake Hotel, The Fairmont Royal York, Intercontinental Toronto Centre, The Delta Chelsea, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, The Fairmont Royal York, One King West Hotel & Residence, Cambridge Suites Hotel – Toronto etc..

A true sight to impress is the iconic CN Tower. One of the world's tallest buildings, it dominates the city skyline, standing more than 1,815 feet high and with a glass elevator and a glass floor, (a surreal experience to walk upon.) The views from the top and when you dine in the revolving restaurant are breathtaking.

If breathtaking is what you are looking for, take a day trip to Niagara Falls. This awe inspiring example of the majesty and power of nature overwhelms you with the sheer deafening roar as the tons of water cascade over the rocks to the depths below. If you want to get closer, you can either go on a guided walk behind the falls themselves or put on the famous blue raincoat and get onboard the Maid of the Mist that will take you to the bottom of the falls. Alternatively, if you want to see it from the sky, take a helicopter ride. If you want to stay a bit drier, you can remain on the observation deck and watch the summertime fireworks display.

best Toronto hotels are great places to base your stay since the staff will offer help and advice should you require it. They will also be able to recommend attractions such as the Toronto Zoo where you can see over 5,000 animals in a vast area of parkland. This attraction has been cleverly designed into areas, or zones, for different habitats and types of animals. See the gorillas in the rainforest or the lions in the African Safari zone. This is a perfect day out for the whole family but take your time, as the vast expanse requires a lot of walking.

When you travel with the family it is important to tailor the visit to fit everyone's needs and Toronto can certainly do that. If you have sports lovers with you, you could watch the Blue Jays, which is the town's ice hockey team. Ice hockey matches are noisy and exciting and may even inspire you to get on the ice yourself. You can do so during winter, at the Natrel outdoor ice-skating rink set on the lake.

While you are in this area, the harbor front is a perfect place for the culture vulture and you can see dances, festivals and art exhibitions. You may want to check with the reception of any of the best Toronto hotels for details of the various festivals and exhibitions that are on during your stay.

For further food for the soul you could visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, where you will find thousands of exhibits ranging from drawing, painting and various other forms of art and they hold many and varied exhibitions throughout the year. The Museum of Ontario is also an interesting place to visit, charting the history and development of the city. For a quirkier but nevertheless fascinating museum, you could visit the Bata Shoe Museum. This museum is very family friendly where kids can see all manner of footwear from what the astronauts wore through to the Egyptians. They hold special events and demonstrations for children and they can even bounce on shoes with springs on the bottom; even the adults will want a go.

To explore the city it is often a good idea to take a 'hop on hop off' open top bus, as this allows you to see so many sights, perhaps selecting those you want to revisit and all without being too exhausted. Alternatively, you could simply relax in the spas of many of the best Toronto hotels in order to recharge for the next adventure.

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