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Best Toronto Tourist Attractions

The City of Toronto is home to several tourist attraction sites. These sites range from exotic museums to heritage sites, socio-cultural centers and wonderful zoos. The city is always agog with numerous events, festivals, regattas and marathons which normally take place through the seasons of the year. So, no matter when you pay a visit to the town, you will surely come across a great event that is on.

Toronto’s tourist sites are wonderfully designed to give visitors a very fulfilling outing. Experiencing these exceptional sites is the best way of appreciating the beauty of the city. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the city is the Casa Loma. The beauty of this ancient castle, which emotionally take you back to the era of European elegance and magnificence is really fabulous. Structurally, the ancient castle is fortified with wonderful suites, a foot tunnel, towers, secret passages, stables and nice gardens.

Another wonderful site is the 1,122 feet CN Tower which gives visitors the ability to have a breath-taking view of the town of Toronto in a glance. Indeed, the list of tourist attractions in the city is almost inexhaustible. Other notable sites include: Art Gallery of Ontario, Black Creek Pioneer Village, The Legislative Building at Queen’s Park, Rogers Centre Tour, Playdium, Canada’s Wonderland, The Toronto Aerospace Museum, Reptilia zoo, Fort York, The Bata Shoe Museum Gift Shop and many more sites that are specifically designed to give you a wonderful experience. Here's our must see bucket list for those travelling to Toronto.

CN Tower

One of the tourist attractions in Toronto that you will definitely want to check out while you are visiting the city is the CN Tower. What's so special about this tower It is the tallest tower in the whole world. When you visit Toronto don't miss visiting the CN Tower.

Harbourfront Centre

Situated on 10 acres along Lake Ontario, Harbourfront Centre is another very popular tourist attraction in Toronto. There is so much to see and do at Harbourfront Centre, ranging from water sports to parks and craft shops. It is one of the main tourist attractions that you are bound to remember from your visit to Toronto

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands are an attraction for tourists that the whole family can enjoy If you are taking a Family holiday be sure to place a visit to Toronto Islands near the top of your list. Here, you will find recreational facilities, water sports, an amusement park and other tourist attractions. This is the best place to visit if you want to spend a fun-filled day in Toronto. Although there are other things that the family will enjoy doing together while they are in Toronto, this offers something for everyone, which is what makes it so appealing.

Hockey Hall of Fame

A well known fact about Canadians is that they are very fond of hockey, so it should be no surprise that the Hockey Hall of Fame can be found in Toronto. There are interactive exhibits and many,many hockey artifacts at the Toronto hall of fame. If you have an appreciation for hockey, this is another of the tourist attractions that you will be sure to enjoy.


Do you enjoy the Chinatown which can be found in New York City If so, you will want to visit Chinatown in Toronto.There are a variety of vendors for Asian jewellery, food, clothing and so much more here. This is another of the Toronto attractions to add to your list on your tour. A great shopping, eating experience.

Royal Ontario Museum

If you interested in an educational experience when you visit Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum can provide you with just that. The best thing about this museum is that there are many galleries and exhibits. Science, art and archaeology are all some of the things that the Toronto museum is focused on.

Toronto is a great place to visit, no matter what you are looking to do. The above mentioned Toronto tourist attractions are ideal for anyone who wants to have fun, shop, eat or simply learn about some of their favorite things. If you have thought about visiting Toronto, what are you waiting for Let the fun begin!

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