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Chinatown In Toronto

Due to its booming Chinese population, Toronto has one of the worlds most vibrant and dynamic Chinatowns. Centered at the intersection of Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue, the neighborhood is chock full of neat things to see, and an abundance of cultural charm. Here you’ll find shops that peddle Chinese nik-naks, candies and exotic teas, as well as spice merchants, perfumeries, massage parlors, bakeries, and ethnic restaurants.

The best way to take in Chinatown is to walk aimlessly around. Get lost amongst the side streets of this unusual part of town. At the intersection of Dundas and Spadina, the Asian architecture and Chinese signs are reminiscent of Shanghai. On weekends street vendors peddle their wares, while crowds throng at their stalls, and the delectable smell of dim sum will pervade the atmosphere.

When it comes time for tea, stop in at Ten Ren Tea Co. at 454 Dundas Street West. This exotic little shop sells refreshing teas of all different blends and flavors. For something a bit unique, try the Banana Coconut Bubble Tea, which includes scoops of fresh fruit, and will give you a boost to continue your explorations.

One of the main attractions in this neighborhood is the selection of excellent foods. Authentic cuisines include Szechwan, Hunan, Mandarin and Cantonese. In windows you’ll see pork, duck, steamed dumplings and other treats. For a nourishing full course meal, Swatow is one of the more popular digs in all of Chinatown. This noodle joint offers dozens of dishes, including rice served with shrimp, crab, scallops, chicken, egg and vegetables.

If you don’t do meat, then nearby Vegetarian Heaven is where you’ll want to dine. This herbivorous hotspot is well-known for its home-style Asian fusion. For dinner, you can kick things off with a ripe avocado cone, which is filled with avocado, tomato, cucumber, apple, lettuce and organic sprouts. For an entree try the Sizzling Eggplant Tempeh in Spicy Coconut Curry, and the Vegan Vanilla Cheesecake is just perfect for desert.

While Ontario weather can be chilly in winter, there is no better way to spend your day on a summer afternoon. Chinatown gives you a glimpse into one of Toronto’s most notable communities.

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