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Ontario’s World Famous Water Attraction

Straddling the border of Ontario and New York in the USA, Niagara Falls: a distinguished horseshoe shape and, with the amount of foamy white spray that’s blasted from it around the clock, it’s a wonder there aren’t any fantastical white horses galloping from within. The ferocious roar that deafens you up close and the peaceful motion when viewed from one of the many lookout posts give Niagara an air of mysticism as well as showing off the sheer power of nature.

If you’re looking for hotels in Ontario, why not choose one near Niagara Falls? Take the exquisite five star Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel and Spa as an option for those who enjoy luxury at its finest. It boasts splendid views of the Horseshoe Falls, and over 400 rooms. Or, with over 250 spacious rooms, wireless internet and 3 on-site restaurants, there’s the Courtyard which also has spectacular views of the Falls, Both grant access to Ontario’s plethora of things to do within its limits.

Among other activities in Ontario, based on looks alone, its museum in Downtown Toronto should be ranked pretty high on the list. From the street, its sharp, angular form explodes from the earth like a space-age mining ship streaked with glass panes and wood panelling. It’s actually called the Crystal and opened in 2007. It’s the new entrance to the museum and contains a restaurant, a gift shop, and several additional exhibitions to go with the rest of Canada’s largest exhibition hall.

Once you’ve finished marvelling at Ontario’s mind-boggling museum, you might fancy eating out somewhere nearby. Fortunately, there’re plenty of places to choose from and a variety of different cuisines. Coming in at around $10-$15 per head, Shogun Japanese has to be one of the most popular choices. With a similar price band, Toni Bulloni’s place ranks highly too, offering a range of seafood, Yorkville Italian, and pizza. You’ll certainly keep the vampires at bay once you’ve finished in there with the amount of garlic they throw in each meal! Or, for a more ‘first date’ atmosphere, there’s Caren’s Wine and Cheese Bar; a highly ranked, romantic bar offering such wines as Cabernet Sauvignon and Argentinean Malbec. Red snapper and mushroom risotto seem to be a hit when it comes to the main course and, again with a $10-$15 price range, it’s easy to see why this place is so popular.

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