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Toronto Luxury Hotels

Toronto is a world class city offering visitors a wealth of business facilities and attractions that include the world famous CN tower with its stunning glass-floored observation deck that allows visitors to view the distant Niagara Falls. The city’s Harbourfront district is one of the continents finest urban recreational areas.

There is also fine dining at some of North America’s best eating establishments including Canoe, Far Niente, Rain and the highly regarded Chez Victor at the Hotel La Germain. As well as shopping at the Eaton Center, which boasts hundreds of stores to tempt even the most jaded traveller. There is also a wealth of galleries and museums including the world renowned Royal Ontario Museum.

Back in 1889 the Gladstone opened as the very first Hotel in the city, there was so little need for such establishments that it was another 14 years until the city’s second hotel the Victoria swung open its doors to welcome business Gent’s and wealthy travellers to the city. But over the last one hundred and twenty years a huge amount of change has taken place and the once sleepy Toronto has now matured into a fully fledged and vibrant international hub city welcoming business people and tourists from every corner of the globe. Those household international luxury hotel chains have certainly seen the city’s potential. And in the twenty first century just about every luxury hotel brand is offering accommodations in the metropolis.

Those household luxury brand names include the Fairmont Royal York very near to the eye-catching CN Tower. The Four Seasons have set up camp in the classy Yorkville area of the city. The some-what over the top named Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel offers first class accommodations in the old and historic distillery district. If you want to help keep Paris in the style to which she is very much accustomed there is the Hilton in the downtown area. In the main entertainment district in Toronto is the SoHo Metropolitan, a smaller but well appointed higher end establishment of around 100 rooms. Also near the CN tower you will find the InterContinental Toronto Centre hotel with access to the convention center.

If you search you will find just about any hotel chain listed for the city of Toronto. One area that is sadly lacking in representation is the Boutique style hotel. The city’s entrepreneurs seem to have overlooked this very important and mushrooming niche hotel market. One excellent exception would be the recently opened Le Germain, a Lemay-Michaud designed concept boutique hotel well positioned in the very heart of the entertainment district. The choice of quality accommodations in the city is overwhelming, but this is also a highly popular city crowded with visiting business people during the week and bustling with Canadian and international tourists at the weekend. So booking ahead of time is highly recommended to make the best of what the spectacular Toronto has to offer

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