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Things To Do In Hong Kong

There are many options for things to see and do around Hong Kong, from simple random wandering to guided or self-guided planned tours. Your hotel’s staff should have maps, brochures, and contact numbers for guides. The hotel may even have a regularly scheduled walk of its own. An architecture appreciation walk is run by the Hong Kong Tourist Board. Be sure to check out some famours Hong Kong Attractions as well.

Hong Kong Restaurants and Fine Dining

Hong Kong has a system called QTS (Quality Tourism Services) that evaluates the condition of restaurants. QTS only allows those restaurants that have passed its strict tests in cleanliness, menu accuracy, and customer service to display its sign. Some of the more popular restaurants can be quite crowded, especially at lunchtime, so it would be best to make a reservation. Be aware that waitstaff at Chinese restaurants will bring you things such as condiments or tea without being requested to do so, and then you will be charged for the items. QTS discourages tourists from eating food sold from food carts, as it cannot be held responsible for the quality of those products. Smoking is not allowed in restaurants in Hong Kong. Fancy dress is not usually required in Hong Kong restaurants.

Hong Kong Spa and Massage

Hong Kong has a booming day spa industry and is trying to develop its business even further by promoting Hong Kong as a body treatment hub. This seems to be working. In addition to the traditional facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures, many Hong Kong spas offer interesting combinations of Eastern and Western body wraps, scrubs, and reflexology treatments, which can be bought as individual services or part of a package.

Hong Kong Cultural Kaleidoscope Program

This is a special program designed by the Hong Kong Tourism board to help visitors get a more in-depth and hands-on understanding of certain aspects of the culture of Hong Kong. Currently on offer according to a published schedule are classes in Tai Chi, Chinese Tea Appreciation, Jewelry Appreciation, Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Cantonese Opera Appreciation, Antiques Appreciation, and Chinese Cake-Making. The program also runs scheduled guided tours of the Maritime Museum, the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum, and the Nan Lian Garden. Included as well are the so-called “Duk Ling” rides, which are hour-long tours around the city. Finally, there is a “Meet the People” section of the program that focuses on assisting dialogue between tourists and the residents of Hong Kong in interesting settings. Your hotel will have brochures and other information on the Cultural Kaleidoscope Program.


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