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Toronto Hotel and Travel Guide

Tornoto is a world class city that welcome huge number of visitors with a wide variety of hotel accommodations that are specially designed to meet up with your unique needs and preference. No wonder, the hotel occupancy rate of the city is known to be among the first 5 in the whole of Northern America. Thus, whenever it comes to accommodation, the city of Toronto will definitely give you the very best of services irrespective of your budget or preference.

Not just sheer hotel room volume, but being a world class city Toronto can also lay claim to a wealth of accommodation types and choices from the very basic up to the ultra-chic. Many of the world’s finest hotel chains have opened their doors in Canada’s premiere city. They now welcome visitors from Europe, America and across the globe. By offering the very finest in first class luxury lodgings to those who are used to the very best accommodation facilities.

Best Toronto Hotels

Toronto is situated on Lake Ontario and is the second largest city in Canada with a population of just over two and a half million. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it was once a pioneer settlement and became a city in 1753. Nowadays, it is a vibrant and bustling place, which offers excitement and interest at every turn. If you are looking for a place to stay then any one of the best Toronto hotels you select will not disappoint. You cannot fail to be impressed with the high levels of comfort and service and the legendary friendliness of the Canadian people.

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Best Toronto Tourist Attractions

The City of Toronto is home to several tourist attraction sites. These sites range from exotic museums to heritage sites, socio-cultural centers and wonderful zoos. The city is always agog with numerous events, festivals, regattas and marathons which normally take place through the seasons of the year. So, no matter when you pay a visit to the town, you will surely come across a great event that is on.

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Toronto Luxury Hotels

Toronto is a world class city offering visitors a wealth of business facilities and attractions that include the world famous CN tower with its stunning glass-floored observation deck that allows visitors to view the distant Niagara Falls. The city’s Harbourfront district is one of the continents finest urban recreational areas.

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Ten Things To Do In Toronto Under $25

Lively and cosmopolitan, Toronto is a fascinating blend of different cultures and communities. With its trendy bars and retro shops, Canada’s largest city is a must-see destination for independent travelers. Here’s some tips to keep the costs down on your visit – and make the most of this vibrant city on a budget.

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Toronto Budget Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter in Canada is synonymous with world class skiing and snowboarding. And with ample slopes and hostels in Canada to be found right across the country, exploring the best of the provinces possible, even on a budget. Chase Away the Winter Blues with Cheap Skiing and Snowboarding in Canada.  Here's three Tips on two Destinations; Whistler and Toronto.

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Spend Christmas in Toronto

Credit crunch? What credit crunch? With major currencies enjoying a great rate against the Canadian dollar, you can afford all kinds of fun in Canada’s largest city. We’ve rounded up the best events and tips on where to spend your hard earned cash to get the most bang for your Christmas buck.

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Places To Go In Toronto

As the financial and economic center of Canada, Toronto has long been one of the country’s most significant cities in terms of art, culture and history. Moreover, the city’s lively, cosmopolitan vibe makes it a great destination for any tourist or traveller yearning to experience Canadian culture at its finest.

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Toronto Hostels

Vibrant and cosmopolitan, yet also one of the friendliest cities in the world, Toronto is unlike most other large metropolises. What’s more, with its many independent shops and thriving café culture, as a backpacking destination, it’s hard to beat.

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Spend Valentines Day In Toronto

Couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day in cosmopolitan and vibrant Toronto. But don’t go for the obvious gifts and activities; try some of these budget-mind alternatives to make the day more memorable! Here it is, some creative and funny Valentine’s Day ideas.

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St. Patrick's Day In Canada

Canadians may proudly wave a red and white flag, but around March 17th, Irish expats and wannabe Celts all over Canada will ‘go green’ for St Patrick’s Day. Of course, this ‘feast day’ honoring Ireland’s patron Saint, has been a religious holiday on the Emerald Isle since the seventeenth-century. But with Irish expats all over the world and a cherished Celtic heritage taken root worldwide, cities from Milwaukee to Moscow have adopted the festivities and created their own celebrations of all things Irish.

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Easter In Toronto

Easter is just around the corner, and Toronto is packed with family-friendly activities over the holiday period. Along with all the usually parades, egg hunts and church services, Easter is the perfect time to visit the multicultural city, with a mild spring like climate. If you’re traveling on a budget, Easter time in Toronto is packed with free things to see and do in the city, and with plenty of Toronto hostels to choose from, it makes for a bargain spring break. Here’s a guide to what’s going on in the city.

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Nightlife In Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, with a vibrant nightlife to match. With clubs staying open after-hours most nights, and drinking hours running until 2am, the city is perfect for party animals and hardcore clubbers. It’s illegal to serve alcohol without food in Ontario, which means bars are social hubs where you can also get a bite to eat. There’s also a thriving gay scene, and alternative club nights and gigs listed in free weekly papers Eye and Now. With cool neighborhoods packed with cocktail bars, underground clubs and several Toronto hostels to crash in post-party, the city caters to a young and hip crowd.

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Top Summer Events in Toronto

As the weather heats up, T.O. comes alive with a number of festivals and outdoor concerts. From highbrow literary festivals to Caribbean street parades, a summer visit to Toronto during the festival season shows the city at her most exciting and cosmopolitan. Maybe you're planning a wedding in Toronto which means you'll also need some ideas for Wedding Bouquets too. Many travelers are put off from visiting in peak season by extortionate room-rates, booked up hotels, and crowds of other tourists. But if you start planning your summer vacation in Toronto now, you can cut the cost of a city break.

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Backpacking From Toronto to Niagara Falls

The natural splendor of Niagara Falls makes this world wonder an essential part of any trip to Ottawa. Luckily the Niagara Falls are easily accessible from Toronto, so if you’re backpacking around Canada, you can combine a cosmopolitan city break with a trip to Niagara.

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Eating and Drinking In Toronto

With more than 7,000 restaurants, eateries, bars and breweries spilling across Toronto’s urban sprawl, it is hardly surprising that such a culturally diverse city has something to satisfy the most discerning diner. From a quick pit-stop at a road side hot dog stall, to admiring the views from the world’s highest wine cellar atop the CN tower, visitors will find plenty to sustain themselves for a busy day of sightseeing.

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Chinatown In Toronto

Due to its booming Chinese population, Toronto has one of the worlds most vibrant and dynamic Chinatowns. Centered at the intersection of Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue, the neighborhood is chock full of neat things to see, and an abundance of cultural charm. Here you’ll find shops that peddle Chinese nik-naks, candies and exotic teas, as well as spice merchants, perfumeries, massage parlors, bakeries, and ethnic restaurants.

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Winter Sports In Toronto

While Toronto may not get much snow, there are many places for winter sports within an easy drive. In the surrounding region you’ll find snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, ice-skating, and dogsled adventure treks.

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Ontario’s World Famous Water Attraction

Straddling the border of Ontario and New York in the USA, Niagara Falls: a distinguished horseshoe shape and, with the amount of foamy white spray that’s blasted from it around the clock, it’s a wonder there aren’t any fantastical white horses galloping from within. The ferocious roar that deafens you up close and the peaceful motion when viewed from one of the many lookout posts give Niagara an air of mysticism as well as showing off the sheer power of nature.

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